Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve Night!

 We got all ready to go to Christmas Eve service and then we were going to wake Nolan up from nap and get him ready real quick and go.  We wanted to get there early because they had some fun activities going on at church.  Poor Nolan woke up with a 102 fever after being fine all morning.  We decided to give him some Tylenol and go anyway.  We were already all ready.  We still made church but were running a little later then we had planned.  He was a trooper but really did not feel very well.

We still managed to get a few pictures in front of the tree:

Cookie Making and Decorating!

We kept up with our yearly tradition of making our homemade sugar cookies for Santa and then decorating them on Christmas Eve morning.  I love our sugar cookie recipe.  They are the softest best sugar cookies ever and they still are soft a week later!

Ugly Sweater Party and Gingerbread Houses

This year Ryan and I had fun attending another Ugly Sweater Party:

Family Christmas

The Thursday before Christmas we had our Christmas with my sister's family and my Aunt and Uncle before they left to go back to CA.

Fire Station

We took a trip to the Fire Station to show my Aunt and Uncle where Ryan works.  The highlight was the wild ride in the fire truck Ryan took us on through the neighborhood!  Kaylee had fun riding captain and honking the horn.  I am sure we freaked out a few neighbors!

My lovely blurry camera

Tea for 8!

One night while my Aunt and Uncle were here we had a little Christmas tea party.  My Mom brought over the old tea cups and we had some tea and yummy snacks.  Pinky fingers out and English accents were a must!

Memaw pouring our tea

Train Park

Each year we also love going to the train park.  This year my Aunt and Uncle were in town so it was fun to have them join us!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Polar Express 2014!

We had another fun year at the Polar Express!  I can't believe it was year 7!  We actually did not think we were originally going to go this year.  We kind of thought the girls really would not notice if we did not go??  Thought maybe it would not be a big deal anymore after 6 years??  Then all through the summer they started asking about it, and then would keep asking.  So I think it was the beginning of October when Ryan and I decided that I guess we will go so we better see if we can still get tickets!  At least with Ryan and the girls schedule we can be flexible and go during the week because we figured reserving tickets in October that was all that was going to be available.   We found an open Thursday night in December and decided to book a room in Flagstaff instead of is fun the get the package deal in Williams but booking in Flagstaff was tons cheaper and it worked out great anyway.

This and That

Sometimes I just have a few random pictures so I thought I would put them into one post:

Yea to Alexa for completing her reading program and her 1st math book!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Show

This year in the beginning of December the girls were involved in the church kids christmas show.  Kaylee was in the kids choir and Alexa was an Angel.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One more celebration for the Birthday boy!

We always have to hit up 31 Flavors to get the Birthday person their free ice cream scoop....and of course ice cream for the rest of us too! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good Morning Birthday Boy!

Normally on someones Birthday we do a special breakfast in the morning but this year for Nolan we decided to go out and have breakfast at the Deer Valley airport so we could watch the planes land and take off.  We thought that would go perfect with his dusty themed party and he is so into airplanes right now.  Memaw and Asher joined us.  From the moment we walked into the restaurant everything was "dusty, dusty!!"  It is really cute, they have planes hanging all over the ceiling.  This time we got to see lots of planes land and take off.  We had gone here last summer and we hardly saw any traffic.  We learned that most small planes don't have air conditioning so it is too hot to fly here in the summer.

Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!

My favorite little guy turned 2 on December 1!!  I really don't know how my baby is already 2!?!?  I still look and think of him as my baby, even though he has gotten so big!  This past year has been so fast and it kind of snuck up on me.  Nolan is such a blessing to our family and I feel so lucky to have a little boy.  He has brought such fun and excitement to our house.  The girls just adore him as well and he just loves his big sissies.

The night before his birthday we had a little family party for him in the Dusty theme.  He had never seen The movie Planes before but has a little ride on toy that is Dusty, and just loves Dusty and gets so excited to see Dusty, and all planes are called Dusty.  :)  So the girls decided he needed a Dusty party.  :)

I had fun fun making his Dusty cake!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

This year we had my Mom and my sister's family over on Thanksgiving.  I just love this holiday and all the yummy food!

The girls signing Aunties Thanksgiving book

More Halloween!

Lately I tend to use my phone for most pictures because my camera does not always take the best pictures lately.  But now my phone is also not taking the best pictures either.  Fun! I actually plugged in my camera the other day and found that I had more Halloween pictures on there.  Oops!  I guess I forgot I used it that night.  :)

My cute kiddos!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving stuff

As Thanksgiving was approaching we had fun doing some Thanksgiving activities and learning about the history of Thanksgiving.  I did a 5 day curriculum with the girls about Thanksgiving and we had fun reading Thanksgiving books, doing some simple projects, math sheets, writing etc. that was all about Thanksgiving.  It was geared towards kindergartners but Kaylee had fun joining in!

Making Mayflower boats

Thursday, December 4, 2014

We are excited to announce.......

Baby #4 will be joining us in June!

This is how we told my Mom and sister's family when they came over on Halloween:

We had the pumpkins all lined up on the table and we waited to see how long it took them to notice the #4 pumpkin!

Halloween stuff!

Finally getting around to posting Halloween!

Love these 3!

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