Thursday, October 30, 2014

A new kind of first day!

Right after Labor Day we experienced our "new" kind of first day!  Not only was it so nice to start after labor day, no more beginning of August :), but we are also now homeschooling!  We are just about 2 months in now and I am loving the schedule, the kids like it too.  :)  No more crazy running running around to pick people up and in and out of the car all day, so nice!  Alexa is done before lunch and Kaylee is done about 1:30 with her core subjects.  I still have her do a little more reading in the afternoon and maybe some writing practice but she is totally done by 3-3:30.  Before she was just getting home at that time and then would still have lots of homework after being exhausted from the day.  Now she has the whole afternoon to be a kid and play.  It took a few weeks to really get used to everything but we have a schedule we follow everyday to make sure all school work and chores are done and it seems to be working well!  We joined a homeschool coop and on Wed after lunch the girls have PE and then a park day with other kids from the group, and then Kaylee has also just joined the girl scout troop with the coop group that meets a couple times a month.  We have also gone on a few field trips with the coop.  With all that, Mom's group every other Tuesday morning, and Wed night and Sunday church we are keeping busy....a good busy though and not constantly waking Nolan up from a nap or in and out of the car.

Here are pictures from our first day.  Still wanted to make it special for the girls :).

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