Tuesday, April 30, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013!

The girls started off a few days before making leprechaun traps.  In our Night Before St Patrick's Day book the kids make traps so the girls thought this would be a good idea.  :)

.....so clever.  But the leprechauns were too sneaky and they did not catch one.  :)

Shamrock shakes with Daddy at McD's after dance

 All ready for the next morning with the Lucky Charms graph all set out.  Good old pinterest!

Darn leprechaun!

The girls loved their graph activity while we made breakfast

Green eggs with turkey ham and of course green pancakes!  And yes I could eat it!  I often make homemade pancakes and I just substituted the vegetable oil for canola oil and the milk with rice milk.  I have done that a few times and they taste just as good!

Buddy McGee....or so he was that day!

Our rainbow with the gold at the end!

 Poor Ryan and Kaylee.  Ryan had got pink eye the day before....so that is why his eyes look a little tired and squinty and Kaylee was fine all day but right before dinner and while we were taking these pictures she started feeling sick.  Ended up with another cold and fever.  That was during our month and a half of us all being sick and passing colds back and forth.  I remember Kaylee missed 3 Mondays in a row.  She would feel better and then go back to school for the rest the week and then at the weekend would get sick again.

Our fun Green dinner!  Lemon herb chicken, which of course looks green from the herbs, green salad, rainbow fruit salad, cucumber water, green milk for the girls, and cubed baked red potatoes with olive oil, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder.

Poor Kaylee was really not feeling well here.  Otherwise we had a fun green day until that point!

And for those who could eat them Lime sherbet floats.

Our "Green" ballerina

In honor of St Patrick's Day Alexa's dance teacher had the girls do a little St. Patrick's Day dance for the parents.  All the girls were given green beads but we could not resist going all out in our green.  Her teacher is so fun and always does cute little dances with the girls for all the holidays.

Our green ballerina all ready!

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Family Pictures

We had some family pictures taken at the end of March.  These were actually pictures that were not supposed to happen.  Originally I had scheduled the appointment for just kids in different outfits.  Well, I had not actually tried on the girls in what they were supposed to wear until the night before.  When I had them put on the dresses they just did not fit them right.  So....what to do.  I had these outfits all ready to wear for Easter on Sunday so I figure rather then cancel I would have them wear the Easter outfits.....and then it became, let's just have the whole family in the pictures.  So there you are!  And I am glad for the way it all worked out because I really like the pictures.

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