Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Love, Kaylee, Alexa, and Nolan......or better yet know today as Peacock, Super Girl, and Shark.  But those pictures coming soon.....hopefully.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our first Boo!!

Tonight we had the fun of "Booing" two of our neighbors!  I had seen this last year on someone's blog right after Halloween.  I remember thinking it was a really cute idea but had already missed the boat that year.  I still went and printed off the sign and instructions and stuck it in the Kids Holiday Activity file for next year.....yes, I actually have that file in my drawer.  ;)   The other day Ryan mentioned that he saw on facebook or somewhere about someone "booing" someone and I went, "oh yea!  I remember seeing that last year and was going to do that."  I was so glad he reminded me!  So I went to the file cabinet and pulled out the printout, made my two copies, and tonight we got to work putting our treats together.  Then it was off to two of our neighbors for our first boo!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to August

So, along with looking back to the cell phone picks like mentioned in the last post, I found a few more that I had forgotten about and wanted to post.

The first is from a sweet little princess party that my girls went to.  This was for Kaylee's best friend Olivia.  Kaylee and Olivia met in 3's preschool and have been best friends ever since.  They have never been in the same class again other then that first year, but they have always had a special bond.  About a year and a half ago they moved to Gilbert.  That was hard on all of us as I have also become really good friends with Olivia's mom, Holly.  Olivia has a younger sister, Julianne, that is a little younger then Alexa and they have become good friends too.  Even though they are about 40 min away we make a point to get together on school days off, summer, spring break, or just random Saturdays here and there.  Well, as if we didn't think that was hard enough being so far, last month Holly told me that her husband got a job transfer to Virginia and they are moving as soon as their house sells.  I just got the word they are leaving right before Thanksgiving.  We are all so sad and going to miss them so much.  It is really hard loosing good friends.

Face painting.  Kaylee chose a heart

More for Nolan

This is actually a continuation of part of Nolan's 10 month post.  So often I take pictures on my phone because it is always there and it is small and easy to have with you.  The pictures from Ryan and my phones automatically get uploaded to a folder on our computer.  The problem is now having pictures from the same event or activity in two different folders if I have also taken some on my other camera    That is great as long as I remember to check that folder.  :)  I was just looking in that folder and here are a few from my phone that go along with 10 month things:

~Nolan tried food from those fun little squeeze pouches right before 10 months.  I remember Alexa loving those too!  I usually make all his baby food but we were going to CA and I was not going to try and bring everything.  So before we left I thought we would give one a try.  He really liked it!  I still have to help him some or he will just squeeze it all over.  :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Month Update!

I feel so bad that this post is closer to 11 months then 10 months.  Right now Nolan is just a guy on the go and it has gotten more and more as the month goes on!  He is definitely a busy, happy little boy that just wants to explore everything around him.  He gives his Mama, and Dada when home, a workout all day just trying to keep up with him!

It was so nice having Ryan's help this month with the pictures.  Got a few more then last month. :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family night

Alexa had family night at her school a few weeks ago.  I love looking in the classroom at all the artwork and to see everything they are up to.  Brought back memories.  Lex has the same teachers as Kaylee and it was fun to see a few repeats that were done again with Alexa's class.  It was also fun for Kaylee to see her old teachers and room.

The sock fish, below pic, and the feet family, below that, were both repeats and fun to see!

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