Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sister Love!

I love this picture of the girls holding hands

A kiss for Lex

Happy 7 weeks Alexa!

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks already. Time is just flying by! It is sad how fast the time goes....even though I am so sleep deprived right now. :) I can't believe how much she has changed already. She is really starting to fill out more and get those cute little chubby legs!

I love how her hair is sticking up already. Kaylee's hair used to do this and it is so cute!!

Yea for Kaylee!

Well, she did it. She is finally potty trained!!! I was starting to wonder if we would make it by preschool in the fall being over three and for so long showing no interest. We started about three weeks ago and has actually been doing really well for the past two weeks. Finally one day I had it and just told her she was going to start wearing big girl underwear. So we put on the princess panties and off we went! I must have been crazy with having a new baby and starting on a day Ryan was working. We had a few accidents in the beginning but is now doing really well. I think this took me so long to post for fear I would jinx the whole process if I voiced this out loud. I know....I need to have more faith. We only had two kids in diapers for about three weeks and it is so wonderful to be back down to one. Yea Kaylee!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mothers Day.....

...again I am a little late on posting but better late than never! For Mother's Day we went to church in the morning and then had my Mom and sister over for a nice dinner. I am so thankful to have two little blessings this Mother's Day.

Mommy with her girls!

The whole group after church

Memaw with Kaylee and Alexa

Aunt Amanda, Memaw and Alexa

I'm 1 month old today!!!

Well, at least she was last Saturday when I took the pictures! I am just a few days behind on posting these. Here are a few pictures from Alexa's 1 month photo shoot.

I took a picture like this with Kaylee every month for the first year and it is so fun to see how they change every month. Now I have all of Kaylee's month pictures in a frame and I will do the same thing with Alexa. Here is Alexa with her 1 month sign.

Here is Kaylee with her 1 month sign. I think the girls look so similar.

Here is Alexa in her cradle. This cradle is so special to me since my Grandpa made it when my sister was born, and then I used it, my two cousins, Kaylee, and now Alexa. Each of us that used the cradle has a plaque with our name and birth date on the side of the cradle. This will be so fun to keep passing down to my kids children.

Alexa has been such a good baby and we love her soooo much!! At 1 month of age she loves her swing, loves to eat/nurse, and loves to sleep! The life of a baby...can't get much better than that!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bath time!!

Alexa loved her first little bath! We had to wait what seemed like so long to give her a real bath. Her belly button was taking so long to heal....way longer then it took Kaylee's to heal. I even went to the Dr to have them put some stuff on it to help it heal. Before that we were having to wash her hair in the sink and wipe her down with a wash cloth. Poor thing...I bet it felt so good to get really clean!

Such a big helper

Kaylee is warming up to Alexa more and more all the time. The other night when Ryan was giving Alexa her bottle Kaylee decided she wanted to help out. So cute!!

A late visit from the Easter Bunny....

The other day Ryan saw this cute bunny in our backyard. I'm sure Annie would have love to of seen it!! Annie was actually laying by the sliding glass door and totally oblivious. Ryan made Annie come inside and then he took Kaylee outside to see it. Kaylee loved seeing a real bunny in her yard.

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