Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turning 5 ~ Ladybug style

To create the perfect ladybug birthday party you have to make cute ladybug accessories....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One holiday to the next!

I feel like in our house for most of the year we go from one holiday to the next! As soon as the Christmas stuff was down Kaylee was asking what was next, and then wanting to know when we could put out the Valentine's stuff. I think it pretty much goes like that with us for every holiday. I think we made it until about Jan 14th or 15th before the excitement was too much for a 4 year old to bear and she talked me in to getting out the Valentine bin. When it is all over the stores why not have it in our house right?? I don't mind, it gives us new fun holiday books to read, clothes to wear, and decorations to put out. It is the little things that can make life fun in a stressful world!

Here Kaylee is putting together a Valentine heart garland to hang on our fireplace.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Christmas

Better late than never! I know this has taken me forever to get Christmas up but it is too important not to blog! This year we had another nice relaxing Christmas in our pj's. We started off the morning with two excited girls wanting to see what Santa brought. My Mom and sister showed up soon after and we enjoyed our traditional breakfast of french toast casserole and we also added scrambled eggs and turkey bacon this year. Yum! Then it was time to dive into all the presents! After presents we went outside to let the girls try out their scooter and cozy coup, and then it was more play time inside, games, movies, and just laying around. It was great!

Ryan was able to sneak in first to get the girls coming in the front room

Oh boy! Tinkerbell fairies and a scooter. Just what she asked for!

Lex got a Cozy coupe and a shopping cart from Santa

checking out her stocking

Alexa checking out hers

Time for presents!

Outside playtime

Game time with Memaw

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas.....

......and so much to do with Santa just a few hours away!!

We had to put out our carrots for the Reindeer.....

Lex decided she wanted one of the carrots. Here I am trying to get it back.

Cookies for Santa.....

Then it was out front to sprinkle the Magic Reindeer food (oats and glitter) all over our front yard....

Then it was back inside to read Twas the Night Before Christmas. My Mom and I agreed that this was the noisiest reading of The Night Before Christmas but also the most fun! The kids were bouncing off the couch, the walls, the ceiling...well not really, but they sure were VERY excited and full of laughter, giggles, and could not sit still!

Then once we had kids calmed down and in bed it was time to say goodbye to this guy. He would be going back with Santa to the North Pole tonight. I was actually sad to see him go. I wont miss the getting up in the middle of the night remembering that Charlie forgot to find a new hiding spot, but the magic he brings was sure fun! :)

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