Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Summer, hello stomach virus

Last Friday was Kaylee's last day of 4 year old preschool. I have been very emotional about this lately just thinking how this is it, one chapter is closed and now on to Kindergarten. We have had such a great experience at La Casa and I am sad to think that she will no longer be going back.

Well poor thing almost had to miss her last day of school. Ryan was working and Lex woke up throwing up. At first I was like oh no, Kaylee is going to have to miss her last day of school. Last time Lex had a stomach virus she threw up every 10-15 min for a few hours. If that was the case there would be no way we could make it to drive Kaylee to school. I continued to get Kaylee ready and Lex had not thrown up again so I decided to risk it. Even if Lex and I could not join Kaylee for her last day ice cream party I did not want her to miss it! We made it to school and I called the school office from out front to see if one of the office ladies would come out and walk Kaylee to her class so I would not have to take Lex out of the car. Trish came out and offered to stay at the car with Lex so I would not have to miss dropping Kaylee off on the last day. She said she has been there as a Mom and would not want to take that moment away from me. So of course on the way to class I was thinking about what Trish said and I totally start crying thinking about what I was doing. Such a sap!
On the way home we made it until about 1 min away from our house before Lex threw up again...all over herself and the car seat. Poor baby, and has woken me up every night since throwing up. We are all so ready for her to feel better. I pray she can make it through the night tonight.

Off to the last day of school! She was excited for summer break this year unlike last year she did not want it to end.

It seems like we were just here...

Kaylee's last week was pretty low key with fun activities. Here are some pictures of her fun last week:
Water day was Monday

After water day some of us went to celebrate at Chick-fil-a

Wednesday she officially graduated preschool and got her Diploma! :)

Then Friday she had her fun ice cream party where parents and siblings were welcome but unfortunately I have no pictures since Lex and I could not make it. :( Here is something that I remembered from last year that I thought I would share again. A reminder to me to enjoy them each and every day because before you know it they will be off to Kindergarten, then graduating high school, and off to college....I know that is getting carried away but you get the idea!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had to show off the beautiful cake that Ryan and Kaylee made me for my birthday last yummy!

...and then I had to show how much Lex liked it! Way cuter then pictures of me! :)

Happy Mothers Day...

....a week and a half late!

We had a nice day with a french toast breakfast compliments of my wonderful husband, church in the morning, then my sister made us all a yummy lunch. I lied down on the couch all afternoon with Kaylee and watched a movie instead of doing laundry, work, or cleaning :), and then we went out to dinner so I didn't have to cook! Yea!!! That made for a great day!

Here are the only pictures from that day with my two precious blessings.

I love Lexie's face in this one!

Cinco De Mayo lunch

Ryan was off on Cinco De Mayo so of course we had to get some Mexican food! We took the girls to El Encanto in Cave Creek. Love going there and so do the girls! It is such a cute atmosphere with the pond.

Sorry it is so dark but it shows the nice view from our table. The girls loved watching the fish, turtles, and ducks swim by...I liked how the glass window separated us so they could get up close and not fall in!

After lunch we fed the ducks and the goose

The Angry Goose! This goose was squaking away and would push all the other ducks aside, and was a huge food hog.

Preschool Olympics- 5/2/11

Here are pictures from Kaylee's preschool Olympics that were the beginning of May. I could tell this year she was less nervous and just had fun with everything!

Go team!

Lex did great watching and the graham crackers helped! Only one minor meltdown when she wanted to go in the tunnels and was not allowed. :(

Time for the parade of athletes!

Yea Kaylee!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Tea and Art Walk

I am a little behind since the Mother's Day Tea at Kaylee's school was on April 30th. I will try and get caught up on everything in the next few days. :)

Kaylee and I heading out to the tea. Yes, I still had my Easter stuff up. I think it finally came down last Tuesday!

Memaw was able to come too!

The kids all sang us a few "Mommy" songs and then we watched a slide show of all the kids.

Back in the room the kids sang us a few more songs and then the teacher read us a story about how quickly your kids grow up and all the lasts that they have from last time feeding them a bottle, to last time rocking them at night, to just holding them and all the lasts of growing up..... I was in tears. I have found myself in tears a lot lately (three times alone just in the Mother's Day service last Sunday) with Kaylee finishing up preschool and thinking about her heading off to Kindergarten in the fall. Just realizing how quickly she is growing up and I am really trying to enjoy all the time I have with her at home since soon she will be at all day school and getting busy with life.

Posing with the frame Kaylee made for me

Then we walked around and looked at all her displayed art work

This is so cute and pretty right on! We love to play games together, I love the Private Selection Brand Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream....I say it is heaven in a carton....kind of become an addition of mine...anyway, jumped the gun on the age a little...not 31 until this Saturday...don't want to rush it ;), and she is so sweet to say I make yummy dinners since about 50% of the time I didn't think she likes what I made! :)

Okay, off to eat some blueberry ice cream. Now everyone knows my weakness!

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