Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nathan 15 Months!

Nathan is 15 months old!  He was last Sunday but I am just now getting around to posting.  I would say that is pretty good as I had just looked back at Nolan's 15 month post and it was over a month late. :)

At 15 months Nathan is busy and all over the place!  He loves to move from one toy to the next and tries and keep up with his sisters and brother.  He loves all the play food in the play kitchen right now and loves to play that he is mixing something up in a bowl or a little cup.  Loves the blocks, cars....loves to make things go, and the Mickey Mouse characters.  I'm sure he will love seeing them at Disneyland next month!

Loves books and brings us one after another to read.  His favorites are still baby faces as #1, I Love Colors, The Busy Little Train, Baby Animals, and Elmo Loves You.

Still not saying anything new from last post.  He is saying the least out of all the kids at 15 months.  Mostly just Dada, Mama, wawa (for water), and I have heard a hi.  That is about it!

His siblings love to give him nicknames.  His latest is Snuffy, or Snuff Puff, baby Dude, and still Baby Bo!  

He is doing well with food.  No more reactions to anything and we have brought on more dairy, wheat, and trying oats right now.  Still can't get him to drink milk though...just like Lex.  With her I was able to put strawberry in her milk and that worked.  So far adding stuff to his milk has not worked. We have tried chocolate, strawberry, banana, orange, warm or cold, different cups....nada!  Nathan also does not like yogurt very well so I am sure that is why adding stuff to his milk has not worked either.  At first he could not stand the yogurt at all but he is starting to come around a their might be hope with milk too!  He does like cottage cheese and cheese.  I would like to stop nursing him soon.  I am going to try coconut milk or Almond soon just to see if we have any better luck.

He is my longest nursing baby so far!  Even though it would be nice to stop I know in the scheme of things this phase will be gone soon so I need to soak it up while I can!

He has 8 teeth right now, 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  He will soon have 4 more as all four molars look like they are close to popping through soon.  

Nathan is such a sweet boy and so good natured.  We all just love our little Nathan so much and thank God for him!

Here are his 15 month stats.  He is also my smallest baby so far at 15 months:
Height: 31 in  42%
Weight: 21.65 lbs 29%
Head: 47cm 55%

Here are some pictures of Nathan last night.  I only got one on his actual 15 month birthday because he just wouldn't hold still!  We got his hair cut yesterday.  He did a little better then the first haircut because I held him on my lap and she did not use the clippers....until the very end and just a little by his ears and neck.   And then it took 4 of us to hold him still!  So handsome though!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Lilla Rose

Recently I joined a company called Lilla Rose.  Never heard of them???  Well, they sell beautiful hair accessories!  I had started seeing some of the flexi hair clips online, my favorite,  and I remember so many days I would say to myself as I was putting boring plain bobby pins in, "I wish I had one of those hair clips!"  I finally tried them out and I LOVE them!  They have 7 different styles of flexi clips so however you like to wear your hair, half up, up, a little pulled back on the side, they have one that will be a perfect fit!  They are so easy to put it, just one piece, and they will stay in my hair all day.  (If it doesn't stay in it just means you need a smaller size.)  If you are someone that likes the claw clip you will like these even more and they are so much prettier!  Additionally to the flexi hair clips they also have headbands, hair sticks, u pins, and bobby pins.  Being a busy mom I love having something easy to throw my hair up or back in and the clips will make it look pretty too.  Feel free to check out my Lilla Rose site!   They would also make great gifts!   You can also click on my link on the side bar and that will take you to my Lilla Rose Facebook page and I can keep you updated about any new sales or promotions being offered.  Thanks so much for checking it out!

Right now and until midnight tomorrow night Lilla Rose is offering everything 15% off and 40-50% off selected styles.

My girls like wearing them too!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

First Day of School 2016!

On Friday we had the kickoff for our first day of school!  I say first day loosely because it was more about the donuts and the pictures.  :)  I had heard that when homeschooling it is better to have your "first day" not on your actual first day.  This way you can do all the fun stuff, do a "sort of" walk through your schedule, get any curriculum set up on the computer, or go through any books and school supplies, and be OK that you really aren't going to get any school done.  Ever since back when the kids were "going" to school I have always liked to make the first day a red plate BIG deal.  I like the special requested breakfast, usually that I would make, sign pictures, welcome home cupcakes, and a special requested dinner.  Well, with Ryan gone so much this summer and still feeling like life is CRAZY with 4, it turned into store bought donuts, cinnamon rolls,  bacon, Kaylee making the first day cupcakes, and I honestly can't even remember what we had for dinner.  I will probably do the requested dinner of tacos, that seems to never change, on Monday.  The kids were totally fine with all this and so was I!  We will have our actual REAL first day on Monday.  I did finally finish up our schedule so we should be good to go!

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