Monday, January 30, 2017

Family Christmas Pictures 2016!

I am finally getting to the family pictures we had taken last November!!  Every year we love getting pictures taken as a family, and with my mom and sister's family.  They are great to use for Christmas card pictures and it is a sure way to make sure the kids are getting yearly pictures taken.  This year we chose a desert background.  While that looks cool we battled cactus needles in our shoes.... they were everywhere!  It was difficult to keep the little ones from not getting on the ground and getting prickers in them.  We also had lots of bees around which doesn't make it easy when they suddenly fly in your face!  In spite of all that I think we got some great pictures!  There are so many pictures to choose from so I thought I would at least share some of the favorites!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

41 Hour Sale at Lilla Rose!

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I am so excited that Lilla Rose is offering the February Flexi of the Month clip early so you can get it in time for Valentine's day!  A few other new clips are being released and they are offering a 10% sale on the new releases, and then 50% on holiday styles. 

The new February Flexi of the Month ~ Cherish
I tried out the new hair style shown with Cherish.  I gave instructions on how I did that on my A Fireman's Wife blog.

This is also a favorite of mine in the new releases, Morning Joy!  I love the coffee/tea/cocoa mug!  This has been a long requested flexi clip and everyone is so excited about it!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Children's Christmas Show

As Christmas gets farther away I realize more and more that I need to get caught up with all our December activities.  In early December the kids had their church Christmas show.  Nolan sang a few songs with the preschoolers, and Kaylee and Alexa sang with KidSong.  Kaylee also had a little speaking part and she did great.  I am so proud of her getting up in front of everyone because that can be hard to do!

Making some Christmas crafts before the show

Love us some Lilla Rose!

Loving on baby Maggie!

Nolan walking on stage.  This is about all we saw of him as he was in the way back this year.

Kaylee with her big part!

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