Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School!

On Monday of this past week Kaylee started preschool again! She was so excited to go back to school....actually she never really wanted to leave when it was over last May so she was counting down the days. She was also pretty proud to be in her big 4 year old class. She brought that up a few times that day! :)

Kaylee with her best friend Olivia. We knew the girls would not be in the same class this year because Olivia is doing 4 day preschool and Kaylee is just doing 3 day. We walk right by Olivia's class on the way to Kaylee's class so I was able to get their picture.

Kaylee going in to wash her hands. back at home. It was time to make Kaylee her back to school treat. I was not sure if Alexa would want to, or even care to help me make cupcakes since she is still so little. I was wrong....she LOVED it! Usually it is just Kaylee that helps me out and now I feel bad for never letting Lex because she had so much fun. I still just think of her as my tiny baby but she is getting so big. I think Lex really liked not having to fight with Kaylee for the spot on the step stool! ;)

So this is how I know I am totally starting to "relax" as a Mom. I hate to admit it but if I was to rewind about 3 years, and if this was Kaylee helping me out back then, I probably would have said "no" and put a stop to the turning over or "helping" with the cupcake batter. I am sure I would have not allowed what happened in the picture below, and if it did happen, I probably would have fixed the mess and got them all perfect again before putting them in the oven.

So I guess this is what happens when you let your 1 year old help with the cake batter....

....but how could I not let her have a little fun? Her face was just pure joy and excitement! I just looked at her and saw the joy and had to laugh right along with her. She was so proud of her creation! I think we both just looked at each other and laughed for about 30 seconds and then I can say I happily picked them up and put them in the oven, mess and all!

Kaylee with her teachers Mrs. Peloquin and Mrs. Farr after school.

Lex and I didn't have enough time to get the cupcakes all pretty and decorated before it was time to pick her up so I just let Kaylee decorate her own cupcake. She loved that!

Lex enjoyed hers too!

All ready to eat!
Kaylee had a wonderful first week and loves her class. It is crazy how after one day she came home and seemed older and more talkative. We ended the day with her picking out her choice of dinner, which was tacos, and then of course another cupcake!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disneyland Cont.

On the morning of our second day we started off at California Adventure. Kaylee could see the huge Farris wheel from our hotel room window and said she wanted to ride that first.

I was probably the most nervous being up that high.

The rest of the rides we went on at that park were in the "It's a Bugs Life" land. It was great because they were all geared towards little ones and they had no lines!

Disneyland Cont.- Princess Lunch

Getting all ready for the Princess Lunch at Ariel's Grotto. Kaylee was in absolute heaven getting to meet the princesses and it was the biggest highlight for her!

Everyone got to meet Ariel when they came in

So excited to meet the rest of the princesses

Each princess was called out one at a time and then would start making the rounds at all the different tables. Kaylee felt extra special because our table was the first in the rotation that the princesses would visit.

Sleeping Beauty


Belle- Her favorite!

Snow White

Holding up her Ariel princess chocolate. She already took a bite out of the tail.

Our other little princess trying to figure out her crown

I give up!

This is a definite must for all little princesses. Of course Kaylee couldn't help but remind me all day that Jasmine and Tiana did not show up! ;)

Disneyland Cont.

After the Princess lunch at CA Adventure we went back to Disneyland for the rest of the day.

Ryan had to look at the Fire Dept! :)

Nap time for Lex

Playing in Toon Town

Small World. That ride was really enjoyed by both girls. A favorite for Lex!

All ready to go home the next morning. One last picture with Micky at the hotel.

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