Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Making our St Patrick's Day treats. I went all out this holiday working so hard to make the sugar cookie dough. Ha! Oh well, they still tasted good and Kaylee had fun!

She was such a good help and placed them all on the cookie sheet

She will always use the matching utensil if she has one in her kitchen. I always have to sneak and wash it real fast since who knows where and what mouths it has been in!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Loves to cook!

Lately every time we are cooking Kaylee wants to have her stool right at the counter so she can help. I could not get her to smile but here she is wearing her cute new apron from Grandma Graham.

Fun With James and McKenzie!

Last week Mindy, James, and McKenzie came over for a visit. Mindy and I heard the kids up to something upstairs and we came up to find all 3 of them hanging on the side of the crib. So of course we had to put them in the crib for a photo op! Good thing I did not have everything set up for the new baby yet!

Action shot!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jr. Firefighter

For so long Kaylee has been so scared to go to the fire station. She has been very fascinated with the trucks and the whole idea but when it came down to going to the station or getting close to the trucks she did not like it. Well last Sunday night she decided that she wanted to go to work with Dada the next day. It had been a long time since we visited Ryan at work so I thought why not. I figured if she still seemed interested the next day we would give it a try. Well she woke up the next morning saying she still wanted to go. The plan was to go after lunch and she was so excited the whole morning. She even had to wear her pink Fire Fighter shirt. She told me she had to wear her fire shirt just like Dada...so cute! The visit went well. It was the least scared I have seen her. She did not even make me hold her the whole time which was a relief because at 9 months pregnant that is not easy! For the first time we also got to take a ride in the engine and she loved it. She got to honk the horn and everything! It was pretty cool and a first ride for me too!

So happy to be at the fire station

Getting her usual hat...we are going to end up with so many of those!

I love this picture of them wearing their matching shirts

First ride on the engine

Friday, March 6, 2009

Swimming in March???

Not many places besides Phoenix can you go swimming in March and not be cold. It helped that the pool was heated but when the outside temp was also 90 degrees you don't even feel cold when you get out. Our friends have a great pool at their apartment complex that has a beach entry with sand. We hung out there a few times last summer and the kids always have fun! I got Kaylee her new crocodile swimsuit back in January and most everyday she asks to wear it and go swimming. I kept telling her the pool is too cold and she would have to wait. She was so excited to finally wear it! Doesn't she look so cute.....the baby also has a matching one for when she arrives!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

36 Weeks Today!!!

I have been so bad this pregnancy with taking belly shots so before my doctor appointment on Wednesday I had Ryan take one. I figure I better take one more before I go into labor!! The only other one was taken around 19 weeks. I was so good the first time around with Kaylee and took one every four weeks. The difference between the first and second pregnancy!

So far the doctor said I am not dilated at all so it looks like baby G is in no hurry to come early!



So I have decided to switch from the baby web site and give blogging a try. I have enjoyed the baby web site but I really like the blog format and I think it will be easier to use.....and hey this one is free so it makes it even better!! I actually started this blog about a month ago but I have just been playing around with it to see how everything works. I figured it was time to finally start posting. Check back often to see what is new!!
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