Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

The morning started off when Aunt Amanda came over and had green pancakes with us. Then it was off to soccer. Then Kaylee enjoyed green milk with her lunch. ;-) Some friends of ours were in town so later that afternoon we went over to hang out, eat, and let the kids play. We all had so much fun. Wish we could see you guys more often!

Kaylee sporting her St Patrick's Day green

This was a highlight for Alexa and Carter!

So sweet!

Kennedy, Carter, Kaylee, Brooklyn, and Alexa

The girls had fun decorating (and eating) cup cakes

Then they put on a hula show

Lex getting in on the fun

So cool Kaylee!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

11 Months old!

On Tuesday Alexa turned 11 months! Her huge milestone is that on Monday of this week she started walking! She is so cute to watch and shows no fear and just goes. She is getting better with every day. On the first day she would take about 5 or 6 steps and fall but now she is able to go much longer. I can tell she has been very proud of herself. :)

Here are some of her 11 month pictures! She is looking so much older to me.

Okay Mom, that is it! I am sooo done!!!

Too cute not to post.....

These are all just randoms off of Ryan's cell phone. Some are old and some new but I thought they were cute.


These are also off of Ryan's cell phone but they were so stinkin cute they got their own post. I just love the ballet outfit, tights, and hair!

All ready for ballet!

My all time favorite! She looks like an 80's punk rocker with the hair! I love how she has two binkies and a baby doll here. :)

Sweetie face!

A train ride!

Riding the train at the RR Park. I was just thinking.....for only getting her binky in her crib it sure seems to be showing up a lot lately. :)

Kaylee and her friend Olivia riding in the very back cart. They had so much fun! It is funny how I think I have a picture of me somewhere, probably around Kaylee's age, riding in the same cart.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Girly girls!!

I normally don't take pictures at other friends birthday parties because that would end up being a lot of birthday parties to keep up with. But this one was way too cute to pass up! A few weeks ago one of Kaylee's friends had a party at Girly girls and they were all so cute! It was her first Girly girls party and it had to be blogged about. They all came in princess dresses and then they got their hair, nails, and makeup done. Then they made wands, played games, and of course had tea and lunch (pink lemonade and pizza)!

This is out of order but here she is outside after they party blowing bubbles like such a princess! :)

At the party getting her nails done. She wanted blue!!

Her beautiful hair

Aren't they adorable!

All sitting so nicely for lunch!

Making the final parade around the store

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