Monday, September 30, 2013

4's Preschool!

Wow, I can't believe Alexa is already in her last year of preschool.  That just makes me so sad.  :(  The preschool years are so fun and special.  She is loving this year so far.  Last year was a little bit of an adjustment but this year she can't wait to go and walks right in with a smile.  Sad that some days I have to remind her to stop and give her Mama a hug and kiss before going in, but so glad she is happy and ready to start the day.

Here she is at her meet the teacher day.  Loves her classroom and did not want to leave.

First day of 2nd grade!

Kaylee is about 2 months into 2nd grade but I did not want to forget her 1st day pictures.  First days are always fun special days, this year a little more hectic with Ryan gone and having a baby, but we still managed to fit in all the fun and with me at the end of the day sighing a huge sigh of relief that I made it......only to think wow, now I get to do this all again in a week and a half for Lex!!  So worth it though and so glad for traditions.

First day breakfast set up and sign:

Monday, September 2, 2013


Wow, can't believe we are in September.  We are back to routine with a few weeks into school, back to dance for both girls, and just finishing up our first round of back-to-school colds.  I really hope we are just getting it out of the way now.  It started with Alexa last Tuesday and then spread to the rest of us.  Poor Nolan has had it the worst and it has been a rough few days with him.  So this definitely made for a fun Labor Day weekend.  We did a whole lot of nothing.  Today most of us are starting to feel a little better.  Nolan's fever is gone so that is good.  My favorite lotion store was having a candle sale that was ending today so I thought I would drag everyone out of the house after Nolan's nap for this exciting outing (well I actually think it is pretty exciting).  :)  Anything that can make my house smell and feel like fall on the inside when it is 110 degrees outside is really exciting in my book.  I love how my 2 oldest are girls because they also share in my excitement.  When I asked them if they wanted to go to the lotion store I got an excited YES from both of them.....I think everyone was tired of sitting on the couch being sick.  So after smelling every candle in the store ( the girls just love smelling EVERY SINGLE ONE) we picked Pumpkin Apple and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  I figured I would limit myself to two candles for now....really just for now.....will totally be back soon.....i know I am a total nerd.  I love something with Apple in September and of course pumpkins and fall scents through stocked up with a bunch of apple soaps too for this month and pumpkin lotion.  September is when we usually do our apple picking and then that leads to lots of apple baking too.  Speaking of apple picking we plan to try a new orchard this year.  I went to the usual farms website the other day to put the date on our calendar and they said no apples this year due to late frost.  Ugg.  I thought we were out of luck but then Ryan found another one that is in Oak Creek Canyon.  Don't know anything about it but we will check that one out this year.  Sometimes change can be good.......and other times not so good....we will see??  So bring on September and fall....I can't wait for fall and cooler weather..... 90's.....only high of 100....anything but 110!!!!  In  the mean time I am LOVING the Pumpkin Apple candle we got today.  The house smells sooooo good!
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