Friday, March 27, 2015

Puppy Petting

The girls had a Puppy Petting field trip at an organization called Power Paws with the Girl Scouts.  They got to hold some 4 week old black lab puppies.  They were pretty cute and so tiny!


Someone decided that they were going to continually climb out of their crib.  Nolan is the first one we had to use a toddler bed with.  Alexa did climb out during age 2 but I think it was a little later on and she did it with such ease and grace and was able to get in and out.  She would also always climb back in and go to sleep.  Nolan on the other hand is very awkward and clumsy with it and practically falls down when climbing out.....but that did not stop him.  And he was not able to climb back in so that meant no going back to bed.
Luckily our friends came to the rescue and had a toddler bed to lend us that they were not using right now.  Of course he can still get out of that too, but this means not hurting himself by falling when climbing out of the crib.  It has been a little bit of a learning process of teaching him to stay in his bed.  At first he was just too excited to nap because it was just way too much fun to keep climbing out of his bed and playing.  Also at night we now keep a gate on his door to keep him safe in his room and also so he would not keep going into his sisters rooms and waking them up really early.  It has been a little over a month now and he is adjusting and now back to napping most days.  I sometimes have to still go back in his room at nap or bedtime to put him back to bed but he is doing much better!
The other good news about this is that the crib is now free for his little brother and he won't have to feel like he is getting kicked out!

Letting the Ladybugs Go!

The day after Valentines Day it was time to let the ladybugs go.  We only wanted to keep them in the jar for a couple days.  We were told to let them out at night so they would stick around a little longer in our yard.  I guess they don't fly at night.  So right before bed time that is what we did!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Zoo Trip with Auntie and Asher

My sister has a zoo membership this year and she was so nice to get us in for free with her.  We got to enjoy a fun field trip day!  This is the first time going where Nolan would remember it and he loved it!

Valentines Day!

A few days before the girls put their Valentines together:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let the cookie sales begin!

Both girls are in girl scouts this year so we had the fun of selling cookies!  We were very lucky to be able to sell most of them in our neighborhood just standing on one of the corners as most people were coming home from work!  And of course Daddy helped out sales a little.  Those things are just so good!

Kaylee's 9th Birthday!

On January 26th Kaylee turned 9!!  Crazy how old that seems!  It is so hard to believe that this is her last year of single digits.  I still wonder how we got here and where the last nine years have gone!?!?  Kaylee is just the sweetest girl and the best help EVER to me and her siblings!!!  I am so lucky to be her Mama!  
We took that Monday off of school and just had a nice day as a family.  

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