Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Each year gets more and more magical as Kaylee gets older. She was so excited about Santa this year. This year at being almost 4 she really gets it and had fun with all the prep on Christmas Eve. It was also so fun having a new little one around. For only being 8 month old Alexa was sure into her new gifts! When we woke up we came down stairs to see what Santa brought. Kaylee was giddy with excitement! After we checked everything out my Mom and Sister came over and we had our traditional Christmas morning French Toast Casserole. Even Kaylee liked it this year! Then we followed with Presents and a day of relaxation in our jammies. For Christmas dinner we just had our leftover ham and sides from Christmas Eve. Nice and easy!

Coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought

Checking everything out!

Oh boy! A princess cup was in her stocking!

Alexa checking everything out!

She loves her new music for the side of her crib. All day when we had that thing on the floor she just stared at it in amazement!

Kaylee opening up the present from Grandma and Grandpa Graham. A Cinderella Build-A-Bear! That fit in great with all the princess stuff Kaylee got for Christmas this year.

Memaw and Lex

Each year I give Ryan another fire truck to hang on our tree!

Checking out her new take-along tunes.


Ryan with his new fire blanky his Mom made him! Of course we made him pose with a hat and his fire truck ornament!

Group shot!

Playing the new Hungry Hippo game

The favorite gift of Christmas this princess dolls from Santa! She has been eyeing those at Target ever since they first got them sometime early last year. We could not take a trip to Target without checking them out.

Relaxing with Auntie


The next morning in her new Cinderella night gown. It was sure a princess Christmas! In the princess theme she also got a Tiana Night Gown and the movies Beautie and the Beast and Tinkerbell.

dancing around with her new wand

Trying out Alexa's new bath seat. I love it! I can now give the girls a bath together! I was looking for a seat like this ever since Kaylee was a baby and never found one until now. The girls loved it too finally being able to play together in the tub. Every time I used to give Kaylee a bath before Alexa was ready to jump in the tub with her!

Christmas Eve!

All dressed up and ready for church. I was so exhausted from getting the food and kids all ready for church that day that I almost did not take these pictures. It was Kaylee that actually said, "Mom aren't you going to take our picture in front of the tree?" I guess she had a good memory from last year. Now I am really glad I did. I would have been so sad if I didn't especially since it was Alexa's first Christmas.

Hang on Lex!

After church at Memaw's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Kaylee just discovered the turtle sand box that my Aunt and Uncle in CA sent her.

Now we just need the sand!

Binky face! Lex took a horrible nap that afternoon and I figured if we were going to make it through church, dinner, and all the Santa activities I better bring the trusty binky. She normally only gets it in her crib. She loves that thing and no other will do!

Mom and her girls!

New jammies! I got my Mom and sister the matching polar bear jammies so we could all match on Christmas day.

They get to open one present on Christmas Eve. They both got books. Kaylee opening Alexa's book.

Kaylee opening hers!

Back at home and sprinkling the oats and glitter for the reindeer. This was a new tradition we started this year. Kaylee's teachers at school gave each kid a goodie bag on the last day and one of the things inside was Magic Reindeer Food (oats and glitter) to sprinkle on the lawn for the reindeer so they can find the house. Kaylee loved it!

Putting out our cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

We made sure we had a carrot for each reindeer!

All ready to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and go to bead!


This year we decorated our sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, Eve...or better know as the 23rd. Ryan worked on Christmas Eve this year and since he was going to be missing all the other fun that day brings I thought we would move this a day earlier. Aunt Amanda also come over for the fun!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas time fun!

I feel like we have been so busy lately trying to cram in all the fun Christmas activities. Here is what we have been up to....

New Christmas jammies from Memaw!

Alexa and her first visit to see Santa. Kaylee informed me before we left she did not want to see Santa again. I guess seeing him at the Polar Express was enough! I still wanted to take Lex. I dressed her up in the same dress that Kaylee's first Santa picture was taken in.

Kaylee playing at Keirland while Lex got her picture taken.

Making our traditional Gingerbread house at Aunties.

Okay Auntie...Let's get started!

The Snow at Desert Ridge!

The other day I gave Kaylee some candy canes to put on the tree while I finished cleaning up breakfast. I told her to put them all over the tree. When I came back to check on her I found them all in a cute little bunch. She was so proud!

Look what I can do!! She is climbing up on everything now!

A visit to the Rail Road park to see all the holiday lights. This was our first year going and they have a pretty good set up.

Kaylee and Tigger. They also had Elmo, cookie monster, and pooh bear but I was not able to get her picture with them.

On the last week of school Kaylee had her Christmas performance. All the kids sang in the sanctuary and then came back into the room and sang two more song with just her class. They were all so cute! Afterward was followed with cookies and punch.

Daddy got to take off work and come watch.

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