Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day of Dance

For Kaylee:
Kaylee started a new dance studio the Monday after she started school.  I feel like a traitor not sending her to my old studio that I grew up dancing in but that one was way more expensive.  :)  This class is a ballet / tap combo.  She was so excited to start tap.  Here she is all cute and ready to go!

 For Alexa:
Yep!  Alexa got to start too the next morning!  It is more of a mommy and me class of just fun activities and movement to the music.  She loves it!  Kaylee's dance teacher is offering it for FREE for toddlers.  Pretty good marketing if you ask me!  Here Alexa is all ready to go.  She was not wanting to cooperate with pictures that much but here they are anyway!  Since it is a Mommy and Me class I totally forgot to take pictures during her class. 

Real Princesses!

It is always fun to get a box in the mail, especially when it is something that can make you a "real princess".  The other day Grandma Graham sent Kaylee and Lex these fun crowns in the mail.  When we opened them up Kaylee was so cute.  She said, "now we are real princesses!"  Thanks Grandma Graham!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big First Day!

Last Thursday we had the big first day of Kindergarten!  Kaylee did great and could not wait to go back.  Mom did really well too.  Only teared up just a little. :) I think it helped that I could go in with her for the fist hour and a half.  I wonder if they do that for the kids or the parents??    It also helped me that the first two days were let out at 1pm for Kindergarten.  She loves how she has her own desk and that she gets to bring her lunch to school.  So far today things are still going well.  It has been strange having her gone but at the same time it has been fun to just have Lexie time.  I get lots of "where is sissy" from Lex, and "are we going to get sissy yet?"  I didn't know what to do after I put Lex down for a nap.  It was so quiet so I figure it was a good time to update my blog.  Better that then cleaning the house or actually getting work done.  :) Today is the first day Kaylee goes until 2:55.  Hopefully Kaylee, and Mom, will adjust quickly and it won't be too long of a day for her.
Here are pictures from the fun first day:

 Love the face Lex!!

Setting her back pack down in line to go play.

She came right in and started coloring at her desk.

Back at home I had two helpers for cupcakes this year!  Ryan got to be home with us all day.

She loved her cupcakes!

 .....actually we all did.  It took about 90 seconds for this to happen. :)

That night she had her special requested dinner of tacos eaten on the red plate and then of course more cupcakes!!  Auntie and Brandon also came over to eat with us.  Last year was also tacos and I wonder how many years that will be the requested dinner??  Seems to be the big favorite right now!  It was a good day. :)  

 This one was taken this morning just because they were cute!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It is here:

I have really not been looking forward to this day for a long time.  Not that she is not ready, just for me knowing that this is it, on to real school and no turning back.  I will miss not having her shining face home with me during the day.  Lunch is going to seem really quiet with just me and Lex.  I know she will do great.  We had her walk-through on Tuesday to see her class room and meet her teacher and before that she seemed kind of nervous.  Since then she has been excited and ready to go.  She was really excited tonight and that is a really good sign and makes me feel better sending her off.  Hopefully I won't cry too much, so far today I have only started to tear up twice. :)
So all her clothes are set out, back pack ready, just packed my first of many school lunches.  Let the adventure begin!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A few from the 4th

I know these are a little late but I figure I probably shouldn't skip 4th of July.  Here is what we were up to that weekend.

 Going to the parade on Saturday

This is probably my favorite picture from 4th of July.  We have one extreme to another!

All ready for swim class on the morning of the 4th

This is one tradition we could never break no matter how I am feeling:

Having their own parade

BBQ on the evening of the 4th.  The kids loved the slip n slide.

Sparklers!!  Kaylee not so sure.

Ending the night relaxing with a good popsicle and watching an amazing fire work show!
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