Monday, February 19, 2018

First Day of School!!

So this post is out of order from the last one and should have been done before the field trip post.  How could I forget the first day of school!!  Well, busy mom, packing, moving....ya know!
I have always liked to make the first day of school special with signs and a special breakfast so it is something everyone looks forward to!

Cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Here were this years school pictures taken at our homeschool fall kickoff that night!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

CPK Homeschool Field Trip.....It Started Fun But Ended......

Homeschool field trip at CPK!  They got to make their own pizza and get a tour of the kitchen.  It was a fun start but didn't end quite how we had planned....a fall on some play equipment after and a broken arm for Nolan.  Our first kid to break a bone.

Nolan with his poor broken arm.  He did so good and was so brave!  Hopefully that is the last broken bone for awhile!

September 2017 I Phone Pics

Sometimes when you just have a bunch of random stuff it is easier to lump it all together.  And just quickly trying to get something on this blog so I can always remember my kids at this time!  😂

Sweet Boys!

Nolan working on his puzzle!


Our future new home!  We broke ground!

Dinner out with friends!

The garden at FS 52!

I wonder how this went?!?!

Nothing better than homemade pizza!!

Cousin love!

Happy Birthday to Mom/Memaw!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Apple Picking!

We made it to September and that means Apple Picking!!  Love this yearly tradition.  I was bummed Ryan was still on a wildfire and missed this too.   We went with my sisters family which was fun so we didn't have to brave this alone!

I loved how this year had lots of low apples for the little ones to help pick.  That has not always been the case.  

A few yearly favorites!!
Apples and Sausage!

Apple Dump Cake

Apple Sauce!

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