Sunday, October 15, 2017

Memorial Day 2017!!

I love getting all my patriotic stuff out Memorial Day weekend.  Then it pretty much stays up until Labor Day weekend.  The house always looks so bare when it is not decorated for a holiday so I just leave it up to cover all the red, white, and blue for the summer!

One of the kiddos decided to document as I was decorating!

Our patriotic Memorial Day breakfast!

Doing their kids workout video!

And this is what Ryan was up to that weekend and for like the rest of the summer!

Music Show

These are from the end of the year music performance last May!

Bumble Bees!

Nathan would not wear his bee costume!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lunch Out With Memaw

At El Encanto with Memaw!  Stopping for a picture and to see the ducks before we went home.

Mother's Day 2017!!

Yes, I realize this was last May but life just seems to happen, the summer was so busy, but still determined to document our life so I can someday look back and cry at how little and sweet they all were!  I won't mind that I am 5 months behind!  😂 I may not remember every story or detail 5 months later but I will at least keep the memory alive!

Take one of trying to get a picture with the kids.  Nathan was not having it!

The kids group did a few songs to honor moms!  

Take 2....still not having it!

So far Ryan is having better luck!

Kaylee and Maggie!

See I know you can smile!

Love that these two are having so much fun together!

My total surprise gift from Ryan!  

Take 3 and we have a winner!

With our wonderful mom!

Lunch after church at Isabella's Kitchen! this boy right here.  This one....totally gave us all a heart attack.  He decided to run off and we could not find him for about 10 minutes.  Seemed like an eternity.  This place was surrounded by lakes so I was panicking thinking he fell in or someone took him.  We ended up finding him playing in a sand trap...the restaurant was right on a golf course!  Stinker!!

This year my birthday fell right on Mother's Day.  Double blessing!  Celebrating with my free birthday ice cream!

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