Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

Two weeks ago Kaylee had her spring break.  I have to say I really enjoyed the break too of sleeping in and not having to pack any lunches or have a schedule.  We kept busy and it went way too fast!

We started off the weekend with this day.  Then our next day was followed with this:

Totally random AZ weather I know!

On Monday we met some friends for lunch and then Tuesday we spent the afternoon visiting Daddy at the fire station.  That we probably had not done in over a year!  Another Mom with kids was also there so our kids had fun playing together, dancing in the bay, and riding on the truck.

On Thursday we met my friend Holly and her girls at the zoo.  The day started off great and then we walked in the door and down Lex went with a bad fall.  We had two bleeding knees, I was thankful to Holly for stocking her diaper bag with band aids. :)  I guess I need to start carrying them.  Two bandages later and lots of tears we were on our way.

Ahhh, a well needed Icee break.  That can even help hurt knees feel better.  Poor Lex spent lots of time in the stroller that day.  Normally she wants out, I more brought it to load all our stuff on thinking it would be empty most the time.  Not this time, but good thing for an Icee!

But that was short lived and Julianne fell and scrapped both of her knees.  Two more bandages, check check.  Then with at least Lex and the older girls feeling revived after lunch and an Icee, we were back on the go.  Lex was even ready to start walking again.  All was great for about 5 min and oops, down we went.  Another bleeding knee, and one more bandage, check, and lots more tears.  Oh boy, back in the stroller.

I think everyone was getting tired.

So were Holly and I.  We were ready to leave before this happened to someone else....and she was about out of bandages.  :))  In spite of our falls I think everyone had fun.  It was great spending the day outside in nice weather with good friends!

On Friday we met my friend Megan and her kids at the park.  It was Coopers Birthday the next day so she brought the kids some cupcakes.  The kids played and we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the grass.

And of course what would spring break be without a swimsuit fashion show!?!?

Anyone see a future cheerleader??

And since most time we take pictures Kaylee always says, "lets do silly faces"  Here you go...

Then our final day we went to a spring training game on Sunday afternoon with a few of Ryan's cousins.  It was actually starting to get a little warm, big difference from the snow/hail of last Sunday, but we still had a good time hanging out on the lawn!

St Patricks Day!

Here is some of the fun we had from our green week and day!

This was about a week before St. Patricks Day.  Lex was so excited that we were having a picnic at the park with friends and got to bring a lunch box, or lunch bag in this case. :)  She thinks it is so cool how Kaylee brings a lunch to school and now she got to bring one, and help Mommy pack it.

Sometime during the week we made Rice Krispies treats, and of course they were green!

Then the night before the big day we made Mint Chocolate chip cookies that of course were green!

Then of course we had to leave one to the leprechaun that would come wreck havoc at our house.  Why not, right??!!

Our St Patricks Day morning started off like this.  Cheesy green eggs, green pancakes, and this year we added homemade green syrup.  My pumpkin pancake recipe has a homemade syrup to make with it so I thought why not make that and make it green. 

Showing their gold coins.  Kaylee looks at me with such disappointment that morning and says, "Mom, we totally forgot to make a leprechaun trap."  The kids do that in one of our St Patricks Day books and that had been her plan all week.  Oh well, always next year!  Our house was sure a big mess with toys everywhere, stuff knocked over, drawers and cabinets open, toilet paper all over the hall, and gold coins for the girls to find.  That is probably the hardest night of the year for me, going to bed with all that stuff everywhere....I know, I am a little strange like that.  I think I had it mostly cleaned up before I started breakfast, just too much to handle. ;)

After our morning breakfast with the family the rest of the day was pretty low key and just spent hanging out with my favorite girls!

My Sisters Bridal Shower

These go back to the beginning of March, I am such a bad blogger lately! :)  The shower was beautiful and it was a beautiful day outside!  I did not get too many pictures on my camera so here are the few that I got.  I cant believe the wedding is already two weeks from today!!!

Amanda and I with her new Sister In Laws, Adrianne and Belinda

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twas the night before.....

Valentines Day at around 7pm, and right before I was supposed to put the girls in the bath, not a card was in site or a heart to be found.
Well, we had decorated of course but I did realize I had not bought my hubby a card or anything, oops sorry Ryan, I guess I was not supposed to admit that. :)  But, to fix that problem the girls and I got to work.  We got out some paper and made our own, and the girls helped me come up with fun things to write on little hearts that we love about Daddy.  Then we had fun hanging it in the bathroom for him to see when he got home the next day.

Then after the girls went to bed, I got to work again making these fun things to hang in their door ways, and left hearts around the house for them to go on a heart hunt!

And set up for Valentine's breakfast

The next morning!

Drinking their strawberry smoothies while I finished breakfast

eating heart shaped waffles

and these fun things. I got the idea from my favorite cooking blog.  Crescent rolls in heart shapes stuffed with scrambled eggs and cheese.  Yum!

Kaylee at her class party:

At home checking out all the loot!

More fun heart food for our tea party/fondue party

And that was our fun heart filled day!
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