Monday, July 12, 2010

Proud of her garden

Kaylee has loved having her little garden off the patio. It has mostly just had different flowers and our strawberry plants. A few months ago we added a few new additions and they are now doing very well. Every time Kaylee goes outside she loves to check on her garden and water the plants.

On Easter Memaw gave Kaylee a tiny little pot and sunflower seeds to plant. They planted a bunch in the small pot and they had a few seeds left over so they just planted them in the garden. The ones in the pot also grew but the pot was way to small for them to grow past about two inches high and they just died. I should have transplanted them right away. The ones in the garden also started growing and just a few days ago we finally got a beautiful sunflower. She is so proud!

Here is Kaylee with her corn plant. This was actually a project they did at school maybe last April or early May. They took popcorn kernels and put them in a plastic sandwich bag with wet cotton balls. The teachers handed them out at the end of class one time with no explanation. At that time they maybe had sprouted about an inch or two high. Not knowing what to do with them, or what they were, I asked about them at the end of class. They told me they were just popcorn kernels....from right out of a jar. They told me to plant them in the ground soon and they will grow a corn plant. I had no idea that a popcorn kernel would grow a corn plant.....I thought you would actually have to plant regular corn kernels to get a corn plant?? Well, we kept them in her window for about another week in the bag and then we tried planting them. I thought I would have killed them right away but they have grown about another foot taller and seem very happy. It will be interesting to see if we actually get any corn. Of course I have to water them like crazy!

Lexi checking out the flowers

Kaylee with her strawberries. Those have been a fun favorite for a long time. -There is that hat again!

Lexi decided to mow the lawn with Daddy.

Kaylee and Annie also joined in!

Engineer Kaylee!

Ryan had an overtime on one of the brush trucks the other day and since he was close by and had no partner he stopped by so Kaylee could see the truck and say hi. She liked pretending to be the driver. Our neighbors also came over to see the truck. Not as cool as a real fire truck but still fun!

Here is Micky Mouse.....I mean Kaylee driving Maggie!

Daddy taking her on a quick drive in our neighborhood before going back to the station.


This hat has been part of her wardrobe for the past 4 days. Do you think she is excited about something??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

15 Months Old!

Alexa turned 15 months old on April 9th! She continues to be the busiest sweet little girl that is just in constant motion. At least that makes for a good sleeper! She is so in to books right now. She has actually liked them for a long time but just in the last two months or so she has really started liking us to read them to her and will actually hold still for usually at least half the book. :) She will carry them over to Ryan and I one after another and hold it up and say "book, book" wanting us to read it. She loves going to the library since books are everywhere! She also is still really loving her swimming lessons. (We are down to our last 3 weeks!) Loves to play outside and loves the bubble machine. Of course that is a problem since we live in a oven for about 5 months out of the year. She knows that after dinner is the time we go out, if at all, and will get so upset if we don't go. Some days it is just too miserably hot. She loves the dishwasher, loves her baby dolls. Loves the Crispix box because it has had a doggy on the side of it lately......can it get more exciting! She is also learning so many words right now. Here is what she can say:
Mama / Mommy
Dada / Daddy
Doggy-the favorite word besides Dada or Mommy
Silly Doggy
Wawa-for water
Baba-for her milk
Shoe-sounds more like "she" right now.
Nana-her newest

I tried to get some pictures of Lex on her 15 month birthday but I could barely get her to hold still or look. I got one with a smile...... I just happened to catch her in mid motion. :)

She also loves Annie! She walks around and says "doggy" all the time.....and whenever she sees the Crispix box. :)

Giving Annie some long deserved attention!
On Friday the 9th she had her 15 month well check. We tried a new woman Dr. in our same practice and we loved her!! Even Kaylee seemed to like her which says a lot since Kaylee DOES NOT like going to the Dr. The whole way to our appointment and all that morning Kaylee reminded me over and over that the appointment was not for her and just Alexa.....then once we got in the room she hid behind the stroller for most the time until she realized the Dr. seemed pretty nice and was in the clear for not getting any shots. Poor thing!
Here are Alexa's stats:
Weight 22lbs- 5o%
Height 31 inches- 75%

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Day of the 4th

I got the girls all cute for 4th of July and then they went out front to put out the little flags.

Then we went inside to put together our flag cake

All ready to start

carefully placing the blueberries

All done!!

Her favorite part!

Lex trying to get some too!

Later that night we went to one of my Mom's friends house in PV. We swam, the kids went down the slip and slide, and watched a beautiful firework show from their backyard that was going off at the PV Country Club.

Silly girl enjoying her Popsicle in the pool

swimming with my girls!

Kaylee watching the fireworks from the pool. It was a great set up and they were very close!

Going on the slip-n-side! The kids had so much fun with this!

Memaw and Lex

Patriotic PJ's

This year we couldn't forget our 4th of July PJ's! Here they are all ready for bed after a fun day at the parade.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Parade

Bright and early before leaving for the parade.......well at least for us. I think it was a little after 7 when I took these first pictures. We are so not morning people and I am blessed with now two kids that will sleep in late. Lex and Kaylee will both usually sleep until about 8:30am. This morning and the morning after the parade I was blessed with 9:30! Anyway, that made it difficult to make it to a 9am parade in Prescott. We should have probably left the house by 7 but I knew that would never happen so we set a goal for 7:30. I think we only left 15 min behind schedule. Pretty good for us as that hour!

Had to take time to get pictures of the girls before leaving!

All ready to go! Memaw came along for the fun!

We made it! The first thing Kaylee wanted after getting settled was a treat!

watching the parade

Since we pulled into Prescott right at 9am when it was starting, we always get the same spot in the sun that no one wants. Little do those people know that about half way through the parade it becomes shaded. :)

Such excitement!

Our "sunny" family picture sporting our Old Navy flag shirts.

Silly Daddy!
Ahhh...we made it to shade!

Kaylee and Memaw

We tried again to get a "shady" family picture! Of course it is not possible to get everyone to look. :)

After the parade we always grab some lunch and look around in some of the inside and outside shops. Lex was so tired she was out! Too bad it only lasted for 10 min and then was up running around again. That girl can sure just go!

This is one of my favorite times of the day. After eating and shopping, and before ice cream, we always find a shady spot in the grass by the courthouse and just enjoy the wonderfully cool weather.

Ryan just wanted to take a nap. So we were trying to get the girls to possibly lay down too....
.....but they had other plans.

Needless to say Ryan did not get much rest with giggling girls crawling all over him. :)
I had to get one more toe picture to include Lex's feet since this was her first painted toes!

Memaw and Kaylee after getting ice cream and before heading home.

After we got in the car and before going home I always make Ryan drive down my most favorite street! It is all lined with Victorian houses built in the late 1800's/early 1900's. I have him go super slow a few times up and back so I can dream of only having a house like that someday. Most of them are all in great condition and their porches decorated with flags for the holiday. I always say someday I will live on that street!!
After I was done dreaming, and we got on the road, I looked back not two minutes later and this is what I saw.....
I think we wore them out!
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