Friday, September 25, 2009

T-Shirt Day!

The last Thursday of the month is T-shirt day at Kaylee's preschool. All the kids were given T-shirts and here she is modeling hers!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom/Memaw!

Tonight we went out to celebrate my Mom's Birthday and then we went back to my house for cake. Here are some pictures we took at the restaurant. The weather was actually really nice and we got to sit outside without melting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things that Kaylee says...... that she is in Preschool. Most of these I am not very proud of. It is amazing the things they pick up on when they start hanging around a bunch of other kids. I am sure many kids say this stuff but most of these, other than the saying "No", is new in our house:

- "Don't bother me now."
- "Leave me alone"
- "No, I don't" ...said really loud
- "Just let me walk"
- "Mommy, you need to listen" ...said with a big attitude

On the lighter side...
- "I love to make people laugh" ....said every time she makes me laugh
-" I'm just being a stinker"...said with a giggle, giggle.....where does she get this stuff???!!!

Then the most common answer to just about anything I say to her lately....usually said with a little sass:
-"I'm just talking"
-"I'm just having fun"

Oh and to think this is only preschool!! ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tumbling and Tutus

This week Kaylee started a toddler tumbling class and a ballet class. She was so excited and she loves her new activities!

Here she is before going to tumbling.

I tried to get some pictures of the class but the glare was so bad through the glass that they really did not turn out.

Here she is all ready for ballet. She had so much fun going to get her new ballet shoes and all day she could not wait to put on her little outfit. I kind of got carried away with pictures....and this is not even half of them!

Mom and her girls!

Here are some girls pictures we took after we took Alexa's five month pictures.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 Months Old Today!!

I can't believe she is already five months old! Sniff sniff...time is going way to fast. I swear I just blinked and she is five months. I look at her now and she is not my tiny infant any more. She is my older baby wanting to move all over the place!

I think I said this last month but this was by far the most difficult photo shoot yet! Good thing Ryan was around this time to help out and keep propping her back up. It also did not help that Kaylee was trying to bounce in the picture every two seconds! Lex was either trying to roll over, eat the sign, crumple it up, chew on her fist, watch Kaylee dance around the living I know why I have taken all the other month pictures during Kaylee's nap time. :) I think we took a million pictures this time but at the end I was not sure if any of them actually turned out with how crazy the photo shoot seemed. Of course they would all cute because Alexa is in them ;), but it is nice to find the one special one that is going to go in the frame at the end of the year. After looking through them I think we found a few that will work!

The sign was a rumpled mess when we were all done!

We had to work fast on the next ones before the sign went in the mouth!

Look at those huge rolls! They just keep getting bigger!!

Here is what Alexa is up to lately:

She is so good at rolling over. I know at the start of last month she could roll over but she had to work at it a lot harder. Now she does it with ease. She loves to lay on her stomach and pick her head up and then swivel around on her belly going after toys. I can tell she just wants to crawl and move around so bad. She will just lay on her stomach kicking all four limbs trying to move! It is so cute when I go to get her from her nap or in the morning and I just see the top of her little fuzzy head up and looking all around. She then wiggles with excitement when she sees me.

Speaking of getting her up in the morning and after naps....she is now sleeping in her crib, through the night I might add....oh happy day..., and sleeping in her crib for at least one or two naps during the day. At the start of last month she was still getting up all the time and through our vacation. Once we got home she was finally able to get used to her crib and sleep at night. It took about a week of constantly having to put the pacifier back in her mouth but at least she got used to me not just bringing her a bottle. She kind of got hooked on her pacifier, but I figure if that can soothe her through the night instead of me getting up I am all for it!! She is hardly in the swing at all any more. I will still put her in the swing in the morning when I am cleaning up from breakfast but that is about it. Sometimes she will fall asleep there and sometimes not. If not she will usually fall right asleep in her crib. Crazy story about the swing...right after we got back from our CA trip the thing broke. I guess we used it so much in the beginning she wore it out!! I did not want to order another brand new one since I figured she would only be in it for a few more months at the most. I am glad I didn't since we are hardly using it now. I found the same one on Craig's list for really cheap. It was much older and kind of noisy but it does the job. The swing can go in pieces so we used all of our old swing and just took the actual motor from the CL one. I figure if we have another baby I will just order a new one then.

Lex loves to play with her big sister....or rather loves when Kaylee will stop to play with her! Her favorite is playing with the teething toys together or reading books. Lex mostly just wants to eat the books but they still have fun!

She LOVES the lotion bottle!!! It is kind of funny....and sad when I think about it. The bottle is cream color with a blue cap and she might think it looks like a bottle to milk. I usually hold it in one hand while the other had rubs the lotion on her. She will shake with excitement trying to grab and get it. I can move the hand holding the lotion and she will just follow it around. A few times I have given it to her and she does not know what to do with it. She just gets this look on her face like "is this really mine"!

She is a teething mess right now. I can tell her mouth is just hurting her so bad and has been a little more fussy from it. I keep wondering if teeth are going to pop through any day. She has her tongue constantly rubbing on her gums.

She just started using her high chair to eat. She looks so little and cute in the chair. It seems kind of big on her. I think I am just picturing how big Kaylee was when she was ready to be done with her high chair. She still loves her rice cereal with bananas. She has also now tried, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and pairs. So far she loves them all! She is also on only formula now. Right at about 4 months I finally stopped pumping. My milk supply just keep going down and down to where it was not worth it any more. Then we had a good stash in the freezer but it is all gone now.

Lex continues to be such a joy and bright light in our life. I love being able to spend time with both girls every day! I can't wait to see next month what she weighs. I can tell she just went through a growth spurt because in the last week her size 2 diapers seem to be getting smaller. I am so glad her diapers also come in a size 2/3 now so I can hang on to the swaddlers for a little longer!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun playing together!

Kaylee loves when I put Alexa in this, Alexa likes it too, but Kaylee loves to hand Lex her "fridge toys" as she calls them. They are teething toys and I keep them in the fridge and they come out when she is in this bouncer and I need to make lunch or dinner. It usually keeps them both entertained for most the time. Alexa just loves any attention Kaylee will give her. Kaylee just thinks it is so fun to monitor the toys and hand them back to Alexa when she drops them on the floor.....don't worry the toys are washed once or twice a day! :)

Future Soccer Player??

Kaylee loves to run and kick the soccer ball around. She is getting really good at it. We may have to take soccer eventually if I can't talk her into dance first. ;) It was actually not a thousand degrees yesterday so we got to have lots of outside time. I can't wait for it to cool down so we can stop feeling so couped up inside.
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