Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Princess!

Happy Birthday Memaw!! Last Friday we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Kaylee was so nice to let Memaw wear her "Birthday Princess" hat. My Mom was such a good sport! We had a nice dinner followed by a yummy chocolate cake! We love you Memaw!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Strawberries and Ketchup??

Now those are both fine, but I would never think of putting them together. Lex had her own ideas today at lunch. So she has recently discovered the wonderful world of sauces to dip her food in. She had some ketchup still left on her tray from the other part of her lunch and decided it would be fun to also dip her strawberries and raspberries in the ketchup. At first Kaylee and I went "Ewww" , but then she laughed at our reaction and continued dipping her fruit in her ketchup. She thought it was the greatest thing! To each his own. She is definitely Ryan's child. Those that know him well know that he LOVES ketchup on most everything....but I think he would agree with me and Kaylee that the fruit thing is kind of gross.

Getting Settled

Well, we are all done with our move and mostly settled! We just have two boxes sitting in the office with stuff still left to hang on the walls but other then that we are doing good! We love our new neighborhood and it will be a great area to send the girls to school. Last time we moved it was just Ryan and I and I have to say it is much more difficult with two little ones. You don't even realize how much you accumulate with kids. The good part about having kids is it forced me to unpack way faster then last time. :)
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