Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Love, Princess Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell
We hope everyone had a fun night. We sure did!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Country Fair

Here are pictures from this years Country Fair that Kaylee had yesterday at School.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Annual Schnepf Farm trip

On Sunday we took our annual Schnepf Farm trip with the Cull Family. This was our 4th year going to the farm together.
I wanted to get a picture of the girls before we left but as soon as we went outside to the garage they both beelined for the wagon because they were so excited. Rather then get everyone out , and try to have them both hold still, we just wheeled the wagon to the front porch and took pictures that way. It worked great!

Riding the train-this is always a huge hit

The Cull Family

McKenzie and Kaylee

Jeremy and Kaylee feeding a horse

Looking at the animals

James and Kaylee riding the airplane ride

Lex searching for the perfect pumpkin....

...unfortunately that was never found :(

a little one will have to do

So we had a great time at the farm but I have a bone to pick with Schnepf Farms. Don't get me wrong, I love the farm.....the rides, food, animals, so much to do.....but they are seriously lacking in the pumpkin department. I think we have only come home with big pumpkins to carve 1 out of the last four years of going. We always go the weekend before Halloween so maybe they are just picked over???? You would think for a farm though they would be well stocked. They have plenty of cute little ones to choose from and the kids always each get one of those. But when I go to a pumpkin patch,especially at a farm where they are grown, I would think we should be able to get great pumpkins for cheap. The quote "big pumpkins" that they have are just okay and most of them are broken open and the ones that are not are mostly misshapen. Each year I hope they will be better because I really want to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out great pumpkins. And if you do happen to find one, or two that we need in our case, they charge $10-$12 for it. So again we left this year with our two baby pumpkins that we paid $2 each for and then the next day I went to Frys and got two big beautiful pumpkins for $3.99 each. Hmmmm.....somthing seems wrong with that. Isn't getting something directly from the source supposed to be better and cheaper? So enough of me venting but after 4 years it has just been really bugging me. Anyone else have that problem?? But I am sure we will be back next year since we really do have lots of fun otherwise!

Fire Day

Last Friday Kaylee's class had Fire Safety day. Kaylee's teachers asked Ryan, along with one of the teachers sons who Ryan works with, to come into the class to talk about fire safety. Ryan also brought his gear to put on to help the kids not be scared if they ever had to be rescued during a fire. They can look kind of scary to a little one when wearing the mask. The kids really enjoyed the day!

They all came up to give Ryan a high five

Andy reading a Fire Fighter book to the class

Enjoying outside

We have been enjoying the outside weather so much that the other day we thought we would eat out there.

Then it was right back to playing

So serious for Lex

Cookie decorating

A week or so ago Kaylee and I made some sugar cookies. We just bought the fun-fetti kind.....I usually save the real sugar cookie baking for Christmas. Kaylee loves to help in the kitchen and had fun cutting out her pumpkins.

The next day we decorated them when daddy was home

she did so good putting her sprinkles on

then I turned for one second and she was eating the cookie!

So Kaylee had to eat hers too!

It was nice they did not make as much as when we home make the cookie dough.....less for me to eat. :)

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