Monday, February 22, 2010

First Step!

Alexa took her first little step today! I can't really say she is walking yet but she did take one step all by herself. :) She went from her walker, took her hands away, took one step, and then grabbed her activity table. I was so proud and a major milestone I had to document!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Fun!

Last Thursday Kaylee had her Valentine party at school

Kaylee and her good friend Olivia

Handing out her class treats

Daddy and Lex got to come too!

Fun with Auntie! That face of Kaylee's just makes me laugh. :)

Opening her Valentine

Mixing up pink pancakes! We then made them into heart shapes.

Little helper!

First Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Months Old!!

Ten months sounds way too close to a year. I keep thinking her 1st birthday really can't be in two months...can it?? With Kaylee now 4, and Alexa almost 1, Ryan and I both turning 30 Ahhh (there it is again :) ), time is moving way too fast. Before I know it they are going to be off to college....okay so Alexa is still in diapers but time does seem to fly.

Alexa seems to be growing up more and more every day!
Still has not taken her first unassisted step yet. She will act like she is going to and then put her hands down. I know she is sooo close. She can move quickly along holding the furniture and can move sooo fast on her stomach. If we put her down and don't put the stair gate up she will dart right for it.

The girl is constant motion and loves to be free on the floor just to play with all the toys in the living room. Our house looks like a tornado went through it again every night. Kaylee had gotten to the point for awhile where she did not pull everything out anymore. Just the few favorites or what she was in to that day. Well, now with Alexa on the move baskets are emptied daily and the play kitchen and everything in it is everywhere!! Every night we have our work cut out for us trying to make sure everything is accounted for and back in it's place. Ryan only wishes I was not so OCD about that. I mean...does it really matter that I can't find that missing letter...or the play hot dog??? I am sure he was hoping that would go away with the second kid but so far that is a no go!

She LOVES to wave and clap and of course loves when anyone will do it back to her. We are working on high five. She will just hold up her hand and when we do it she will just giggle.

We are working on six teeth. Two have recently come on top, and the fourth one on bottom seems about ready to pop through.

She is such a sweet girl and always so happy. Such a bright light to my day! :)

I have to say this was the easiest photo shoot yet...other then the 1 month when she did not move. She pretty much stayed seated for me. Other then grabbing the sign a few times, piece of cake!

Climbing up the stairs to bed. Loves the stairs, and yes she climbed up all by herself just with Ryan spotting her.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Ryan!!

So we have reached the year where we are both turning 30! Good bye 20's...sniff sniff....JK! I look forward to 30+ more wonderful years together. Love you babe!

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