Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best Christmas gift of the year!!

We had such a fun time this year with our indoor snowball fight...Arizona style for our warm temps!  My Aunt Fay sent this to us as an early gift and we had lots of fun nights that looked like this........

Even Nolan got in on the action. :)

Nolan's New Born Pictures

In mid December my friend Amanda took Nolan's new born pictures.  She is the one who also took our belly shots.  She does such a great job and was so great working with Nolan.  It was so nice of her to do this for us!

Love these ones of Nolan and Ryan!

The next two were obviously not taken by Amanda. :)  These were just ones that I had taken to hopefully add to our Christmas card.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Dance Recital

The girls had their winter dance recital on December 16.  I am so glad I took pictures that month because looking back at all my pictures from the month I realized I really don't remember much! :)  I think that is why I am still trying so hard to blog everything from December even though it is mid February.  Bear with me people!

Nolan ready to go on his first outing....other then to the Dr. :)

Our little dancers!

Kaylee did her dance to "Rock' in Around the Christmas Tree"

Lex did hers to "The Sugar Plum Fairy"

Going out after to celebrate with the girls at their favorite restaurant

Paramedic Graduation!

Ryan had been in paramedic school through the fire dept from May until December of last year.  It was a long, tough 7 months but we are so proud of you!  His Graduation date was December 7, Nolan's actual due date....good thing he came a week early!  Nolan and I did not make the graduation but my Mom and the girls went to cheer him on!  After the graduation he still had another week until his big NRT test...kind of silly it was not before the graduation.  It was really tough that he had to still be studying for a big test after the baby was born.  Thankfully he passed and is now a paramedic for the fire department!

It was so nice for Ryan that his Uncle Mike was also there who is a chief for PFD.

Little Mommies!

This was only a week or so after Nolan was born.  I came into Alexa's room to find this:

Such cute little mommies!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013!!

I don't know what has come over me this evening.  Maybe it is that the baby is asleep but I don't remember the last time I have posted an event on the same day it happened!  :)

My day began stumbling out of bed as about 15 min in to my alarm going off....some days I am just too tired to hear it...especially when I had only been back to sleep for about an hour since I was last up with Nolan.    Lex came bouncing right in before I could barely stand up so excited to tell me in a loud voice that NOLAN HAS SOMETHING IN IS MAILBOX!!  (The kids each have a Valentine mailbox from Target.  Been a huge hit with the girls the past few years so this year we got one for Nolan too). Oh yea honey I managed to say very sleepily.  She ran right out of the room only to run back in 20 seconds later holding a few of the valentine treats that were left for her and Kaylee on the table.  Now in her loud excited voice she told me LOOK AT THE VALENTINE TREATS SANTA LEFT ME.  Great honey I managed to say.  Then she ran out of the room again leaving me to think about what she just said.  My brain was working a little slow but when I realized it my heart just had to smile inside.

My little sweeties all ready for school, Valentine treats for friends in tow.

Quick pose with Nolan before loading every one up

With my new special Valentine!  Love this little guy!

Lex home from school sporting her new hat

Best part, checking out all the treats from her friends

Kickin it on the play mat

Perfect Valentine lunch!

Later that afternoon we had Kaylee's class party.  Alexa did not have a class party where parents could come. They just exchanged Valentine treats with the class and had a special snack.  Kaylee's party was families welcome!

Cookie decorating and special valentine soda (ice cream and strawberry soda)

They are so nice to always let Lex participate

Making a hand print heart

Kaylee's decorated Valentine box

Got to love going through the loot!  Kaylee and Sam

Yea for heart shaped Pizza from Papa Murphy's!  Traded in the heart shaped grilled cheese this year for pizza.  All about making it easy!

Our fondue/pizza party

No fun pizza for me this year.  I got to enjoy my dairy/soy free chicken salad.  If you want to loose weight just do the dairy/soy free diet.  But I did not have to totally miss out on the fun.  Today as a last minute find at Whole Foods I found diary/soy free chocolate so I could have fondue too.  It was so good and tasted just like any other chocolate.  Oh ya!

Alexa was so cute.  As soon as dinner was done she said, "this was the best Valentine's Day Ever!!"  I thought I was totally off my game this year so I can live with that!!!

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