Friday, June 28, 2013

2nd Tooth!!

Nolan got his second tooth today!!  I hope this means his mouth will start to feel least until the next one starts to come through. ;)  He won't let me look at it but I can feel it there!

Mother's Day Tea and Art Walk 2013

The last Saturday in April Alexa had her Mother's Day Tea and Art walk at preschool.  It was so fun to be able to have a special morning with just Lex.

They started off singing to us and then they played a video slide show of pictures from throughout the year....and all the Moms tried not to cry.  :)

We went back to the class room and the kids gave us their gifts.

Then we were free to walk around and check out all the artwork in the classroom and outside.

Cookies and punch!

Posing by her art.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Shower!

My sister had her baby shower back in April.  Here are a few pictures from that day.....

My Mom, Amanda, and Ava (Brandon's Mom)

She had some good gift opener helpers

I thought the punch was really cute!

Brandon's sisters each have a little boy, Braylen and Toby.  Kaylee thinks they are the greatest ever!  She just loves babies and could not wait to see them this day.  :)  She is just so excited to now have some cousins!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alexa is 4!!

Alexa turned the big 4 back on April 9th!  We had fun celebrating Lex all day and then the following Friday we celebrated with Memaw, Auntie, and Uncle Brandon.

The night before the big day:  Kaylee had just gotten out of the shower and I was getting Lex in.  Kaylee had left a cute birthday sign for Lex on the wall of the shower.  Very cute and all Kaylee's idea.  Lex thought it was great!

I always love to get set up the night before a birthday or holiday so they can have it all decorated when they first wake up.

Alexa wanted Dora for her decor....doesn't really watch Dora that much but that is Lex!

Birthday Girl!!

Coloring birthday pictures while I got breakfast ready

Blueberry muffins and bacon....oh ya!

I had no idea that her eyes were shut in the next few pictures until I uploaded these on my computer at some later time.  So this is all I got, so that is what I am going to post!

Her Birthday celebration at school

Feeling very shy...

Now we got a big smile!

Chick-fil-a lunch!

New bedding for her American Girl doll from Grandma Graham

Wanted Jake and the Neverland pirate stuff for her birthday.....already told me she wants the Brave bow and arrow for this girl!

After dinner at Sweet Tomatoes....yes, there it is again....we had a big cookie for dessert.

 more closed eyes.....that happens a lot lately I have noticed. :)

Friday night celebration with the family

Wanted the exact same cake that Kaylee had.  Since Ryan did so good the first time I let him have at it again!

Uncle B!

Yea for Bucky!

New chair for her bedroom!

Wow Lex, where do I begin!  You are a girl who knows what she wants and what you don't want!  You can be shy in new situations or around people you don't know very well, but watch soon as you are comfortable you are fun and loud, have so much to say, and call it like it is!  People have been telling me since she was very young and once they got to know her that they had no idea she could talk that much or that well.  I just think to myself, yes, she actually talked very early and very well....always easy to understand.  Like everything else you crawled early, walked early, and rode a two wheel bike have a very determined personality when it is your idea.  You love to "squirrel things away" as we call it, in drawers, closets, under your bed....purses, bins, anywhere you can find!  She has definitely made me overcome my OCD of having to have everything in it's place at night.  When you turned 3 this all started and at first I tried to put everything back at night but soon it got too much to keep up with.  I still require toys and rooms to be cleaned/picked up at night but just don't look in her night stand or bins in her room!!  You love to take parts of one toy and put it somewhere else and mix everything all together to create something new.  Speaking of creating something new I love your creative side.  You have put together great stuff with Lego's, wikki sticks, and other random stuff.  I love how these items will become your treasure for a day or two and then it is on to the next creation.  You are as hot and cold as they come but we love you!  Just when I think you are going to act a certain way with a situation you surprise me and do the opposite...I sometimes never know what we are going to get!  You are very strong willed and I just pray that you will always be strong willed about what is "right" and then their will be no stopping you!  You add so much life and fun to our house.....the perfect middle child!  The day you turned 4 you said you could not wait to turn 5.  Well, I can wait.  Just enjoy being 4 baby girl.  Happy Birthday....we love you so much!!

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