Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny!

For some reason I have never taken my kids to see the Easter Bunny.  Don't know why, I guess just something we have never been in to?  Well, this year I saw at Desert Ridge they were offering Free Easter bunny pics.  Earlier today we had some family pictures taken so the kids were already dressed up so I thought why not!

I think we actually saw Mrs. Easter Bunny....

Getting ready for Easter!

The girls always love when it is time to get the decorations out for the next holiday.  I have not been very prompt this year since Christmas with doing that, but because Easter this year is coming only 2 weeks after St Patrick's Day I figure I had to get with it for this holiday. :) I did good and was packing up St Patrick's day the next day and then was getting out the Easter stuff.  Here the girls are helping me decorate:

My cousin made and sent the girls these Easter shirts!

Nolan sporting his new Easter bib my Aunt sent....

Nolan getting in the Easter spirit!

Tonight we decorated Easter Eggs!

This is what Nolan thought of the whole thing...

Sorry buddy.....

......this is the stuff that is going to happen when you have 2 older sisters!!!  Of course I just laugh and take a picture!  Notice poor guy also has a purple Bumbo. :0

Just because...

Just because my little baby is already getting so big and you look so cute in your little sling!

New skates!

Kaylee got new roller skates for Christmas.  Here she is trying them out.  We have not been able to practice them as much as she would like with our crazy year so far!  I know things will get easier soon!?!?  She did pretty good on her first try!

Christmas 2012

So I told myself that I have to finish Christmas before Easter.  I am so excited this is my last Christmas post...hopefully I will be better next year.  :)  So here we go with the photo dump of Christmas day!


The run into the living room to see what Santa brought!

Our little Christmas present!  I can't believe how little he looks in these pictures!  Crazy how big he is already!

Lex got a Dr of her favorite shows is Doc Mcstuffins.  They got right to work with check-ups.  The girls still have fun playing Dr.

2nd Christmas outfit of the day.  Nolan went through 7 outfits that day!  I think that is a record!

It's a Major Award!

American Girls!

Nolan's first hiking boots!

Yea, on to the rest of 2013!!!
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