Thursday, December 29, 2011


...we have found your true talent.... :)

Life is a learning process...

....and tonight I learned that if my 2 year old shreds one of her books in her crib instead of going to sleep, and then puts a piece of the paper up her nose, it will come out when she sneezes even if you could not see it when looking up there with a flashlight.  The knowledge I am gaining...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We love Christmas and all the fun that goes with it!  We are already missing everything about the season and it makes me very sad that every time I get in the car KEZ 99.9 is still not playing Christmas music, the Christmas music on TV is gone along with all the fun movies.  I think they should keep playing it all through New Years just to let us down easy. :)  Here is some of what we enjoy in December and what we will miss:

Playing with all the Christmas toys and books:

Every night just looking at and playing in front of the Christmas tree:

Getting to see Mama in goofy reindeer hats:

Every morning the excitement of where Charlie is going to be and all the fun places that we find him:

Getting cookies from Santa even if it is the goofiest Santa you have EVER seen!!!  He came out at one of the Christmas parties we were at and I started cracking up.  He was worth going to grab my camera.  This one even had Kaylee doubting.  She walks up to me after and said "that was not the real Santa was it?"

Going to Brandon's to see their first Christmas tree together:

Making the yearly gingerbread house with Auntie:

Getting to wear Christmas PJs most every night:

And of course all the fun Christmas clothes.  My Grandma would be proud since she made these skirts for me and my sister probably when we were Kaylee and Alexa's age.

Ryan and Kaylee making their yearly fudge.  This is all Ryan.  Every year he reminds me to get the stuff for fudge and it turns our really good!

And of course I could not forget all the many countdowns, boxes to be opened, or advent calendars to be read every day.  I think we were up to 5 this year, and kind of a lot to keep up with, but the girls had a blast and looked forward to it each day!

Class Party!

On Dec 16th Kaylee had her class party at school.  They all wore their pajamas and got to decorate gingerbread houses and cookies.  Lex got to come along for the fun!

 That looks like a good conversation! :)

Help from Lex

Kaylee and Isabelle

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cutie Pie!

I was going to give it a try but realized I am still too overwhelmed with all the many Christmas pictures from the month to tackle at this hour.  So this is it for tonight! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

  We had another fun day in our pj's!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just because........

I thought this deserved a post all on it's own. :)  

Christmas show

At the beginning of December Kaylee had her church Christmas show.  This year as a Kindergartener we have moved on from angels and cows to be with the big kids!  Here she is below in her little shepard costume:

And of course her favorite part is the cookies and juice after!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season.....

......for all the fun that Christmas brings!

Decorating the Tree:

Finally getting something a little better to hang on my door:

My latest craft project

And our poor dog got to wear our old sad excuse for a wreath.  Poor thing can't get a break.  We finally get rid of her reindeer antlers and now this! :)

Christmas crafts:

Our own Santa and reindeer!:

Playing in the snow:

Lex not so sure

And finally what fun would the season be without a cookie exchange!:

These were a few of my favorites

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