Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun Father's Day Weekend

My Mom had a couple of free nights at the JW Marriott so we all decided to go and make it a fun Father's Day weekend!  We arrived on Friday afternoon and hit the pool. 

The girls loved this little spray pad area.

View from our balcony

Dinner at the Blue Sage

Amanda and Brandon

That is a huge french fry Lex!!

The girls, and lots of other kids including Ryan and Brandon, loved running around on this grass area.

Lex trying to figure out this whole potty and toilet paper thing!

Day two at the pool


Memaw and Lex

Auntie with the girls

Love this picture!

We had a birthday party in the afternoon that we snuck out to for about an hour.  The theme was Minnie mouse.  That is why Kaylee has the ears.

Feeding the ducks

Here is a video of the girls entertaining us with a dance at dinner time. :)

After dinner they were handing out stuff to make s'mores.


Ryan with his girls on Father's Day waiting for dinner

And here they are with their sucker bribe since a certain little one did not want to pose for any more pictures.  Well, they ALL decided they needed one!

Happy Father's Day Ryan!!!  We had such a fun weekend even though all us girls got sick again.  Thanks for being such a great Dad to your girls.  We love you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What have we been doing?

I have been a horrible blogger lately so I thought it was time for a post.  Summer has kept us busy with lots of play dates, swim classes, and three of us being sick with yucky colds. :(  We are just doing 6 weeks of swim class this year instead of the long 11 weeks we did last year.  Unfortunately we had to miss two days last week from being sick and then three days this week after the girls relapsed from our fun weekend.  I have had the joy of being sick the whole time. :(  Hopefully we can all feel better soon and really start enjoying our summer.  Heat wise Summer is officially here.  We have not been playing outside much in the last two weeks from being sick and yesterday evening the girls dragged me outside and it was suddenly really hot!  Two weeks ago when we were well it was still bearable in the evening.  We were lucky to have it stay nicer outside in the evening for as long as it did.  Here are just some random pictures of the girls:

Kaylee is in a phase where she loves to look at my big chapter books.  No, she still can't read, but she loves to look at them and pick out all the ones she will want to read as soon as she can.  At least she is excited and motivated!

Lex getting the suit cases out to go on our fun Father's Day weekend!

My little dishes helper!  The girls have both loved helping in the kitchen lately.

We have been working on potty training!!!  We are still not potty trained but I can get her to go at least two or three times a day in the potty.  At least she is motivated, most the time!  I think we need to take a few days that we are staying home and just go for it and see what happens. 

 Playing outside.  These were taken pre-sick before it was over 110 outside. :)

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