Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day this year and good family time.  We started with a pancake breakfast for Daddy and then we went to church.  After church we had lunch out with my Mom, Auntie, and Uncle B.  Kaylee wanted to make Daddy dinner so she picked out what she wanted to make him.  Now, to go along with our lemon weekend, the big lemonade stand was the day before, we made him a lemon cheesecake for dessert.  Super yummy!  Thanks babe for being such a great husband and Father to our girls.  We are all so lucky to have you!

The Long Awaited Lemonade Stand

And that is was!!  Last summer Kaylee started saying she wanted to have a lemonade stand.  But like most things last summer it did not happen.  Throughout the year I think she would mention it every few months but I would always say she would have to wait until the summer.  I kind of always thought she would forget about it or not want to do it any more, but as summer approached she was still talking about it.  Summer break came and as we were talking about things the girls wanted to do this summer this was top of Kaylee's list.  So lemonade stand it was!  We put it on the calendar and the date was set!  Now being pregnant and the thought of doing this in the heat sounded awful so I made sure we picked a Saturday that Daddy could sit outside in the miserable heat help. :)  So we found a great lemonade recipe, bought some lemons, and the excitement began!

Kaylee helped squeeze all the lemons and prepare the lemonade

Now of course when I saw this cute stuff at Target it was a must!

We set the stuff up at the end of our street because right in front of our house does not get much traffic.  Hey, if you are going to do it you better do it right, right?!  This picture was pre-wonderful big umbrella.  After about a few minutes of being out there our neighbor who lives right there on the corner brought out a wonderful stand and big umbrella for us to use.  It was a life saver and Mommy made it outside longer then expected.  The free lemonade also helped too!

The beauty of having your own lemonade stand is the all-you-can-drink lemonade

Memaw came by to help too!

Now before we started this wonderful adventure I was worried Kaylee would be really disappointed if we did not get many customers.  Well, Mama was wrong.  I guess we picked a good day and a good neighborhood location because we got lots of traffic.  I know that big red umbrella also helped draw lots of attention!  The girls both made out pretty good!  Operation Lemonade stand completed!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time out

Time outs are great....especially when they are for Mommy.  I am actually sitting at my computer taking one right now as Ryan cleans up the kitchen.  Thank you!  I have to say my pregnant self is very easily irritated and grumpy lately and I find I need these more and more.  :)  By dinner time I am usually done and just need a break.  I love my girls but the afternoon whining gets hard to take and I find I loose my temper more then usual lately.  So, I tried to give myself a time out earlier before Ryan was home to regulate, but that lasted all of about 3 min before Lex needed help with the potty, and everyone wanted a snack, and I decided dinner was not going to cook itself.  So after dinner my lovely husband let me have a much needed break.  Ahhh.  It was so cute, I heard him give everyone instructions that they can play in their rooms together or in the living room but to give Mommy a break.  So what do they do, play right outside my room in the hall being very loud.  My heart can only just smile.
Here is a cute bit from the conversation I heard:
Kaylee:  You have to be a princess
Lex:  I don't want to be a princess
Kaylee:  Well, if you are not going to be a princess then you have to be my butler!

A first for Lex


.....and after

A few weekends ago Lex got her first hair cut.  Hard to believe the first hair cut was at 3 1/2!  We like it long but she was definitely due for a trim.  I think they cut about 2 1/2 inches off but I can hardly tell.  She did great and was proud to sit in the "yellow school bus" as she called it.  Hey, what ever works!

 They put some fun glitter in her hair after!

Kaylee also got a trim

Her hair is getting so long she had to stand up!

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Fly to your heart" and "hot, hot, hot"

Those were the names of Kaylee's ballet and tap dances. :)  She had her dance recital on June 10th.

These next few were from dress rehearsal.  It was nice we were able to film and take pictures on this day because during the actual show we were not allowed.  Actually made the real day more enjoyable.  Sometimes I feel like I am so worried about taking pictures and videos that the event is suddenly over and I feel like I did not really get to watch it.

"Fly to your heart"

"Hot, hot, hot"

All ready to go on performance day:

Memorial Day

A good day for........

Decorating the house patriotic.....and it will stay that way through July

 A good day for blowing bubbles...

......having a BBQ

....and having a patriotic dinner

....yummy corn

....and it was a really good day for making hand-tossed homemade ice cream!  This was fun and a good activity to do with the kids. Just make sure you wear gloves.....we got ours out mid way through. :)

This actually tasted really good.  It was more like soft serve but super yummy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graduation Day!

I really can't believe that we are here!  Where did the year go??  I remember not too long ago I was crying because I could not believe she was starting Kindergarten.  Now we are all done and I don't even want to think about next year and 1st grade!!  On Kaylee's last day we had a Kindergarten graduation and then a   little celebration with cake in her class room.  It was a short day and we were allowed to bring them home after the party, but Kaylee chose to stay until 12:30.  I don't think she wanted to let it go either.  :) Only about 5 or 6 kids stayed and she had a great time just hanging out in the classroom doing "fun stuff" as she said.  So I met her at the bus stop that day for one last ride home.  

Memaw came to the graduation with us.

All ready to graduate!

I love the cute little diplomas each kid got.

Aniston and Kaylee

Kaylee and Tyler

And one final picture with Mrs. Bailey!

We will miss you Kindergarten and all the fun you brought this year.  I really wish they could just stay little!

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