Monday, April 30, 2012

Egg coloring party

This year my friend Karen hosted an egg coloring party for the kids on Good Friday.  I am so glad she did because with the craziness of the month that may not have happened at our house.  But of course I would have totally felt bad to miss that fun Easter tradition.  Luckily someone else offered and all we had to do is show up with eggs and a snack!

It was nice Ryan was off and got to come too!

After lunch the kids had a fun cupcake decorating project

Cute little bunnies!

Church Easter Party and Egg Hunt

This was way back from the beginning of the month. I feel like I have so much to catch up on!  The Mom's group at church had a little Easter party and egg hunt for the kids.

This was a good idea.  A big bin of rice, a huge hit with the kids!

play dough


the big hunt

Lex was so cute.  At first she only picked up the purple eggs(her favorite color).  She finally gave up after about 5 eggs when she realized to get more she was going to have to go for those other colors!

painting the sidewalk

And finally one last craft of planting beans in cotton.  Cute idea but Mom has not been able to get them to grow.  I am sure it is not because I don't keep them wet enough or anything like that. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not your usual ride home

Last Thursday Ryan was working but he called me around 3pm to say that he had picked Kaylee up from school and was on his way home with her in the fire truck.  Fun way to ride home from school. :)  The timing just worked out.  The truck Ryan was on was covering a station up north and when they were all done and driving back he had to drive right by Kaylee's school.  And since they were temporarily out of service until they got back to the other station why not get Kaylee right?!?!

Lex waiting and watching the truck pull up:

Kaylee getting off of her fun ride home!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alexa's 3rd Birthday- Rapunzel Party

Last Friday night we had Alexa's 3rd Birthday party- Rapunzel style!  It was a little early but with my sister's wedding coming up, and other activities for it, we thought it would be best just to have it a few weeks early.  Her actual Birthday is April 9.  Seriously can't believe she is almost 3!!  We went all out with purple and yellow and had fun decorating with lanterns and suns!

Wildlife World Zoo

Last week Kaylee had a field trip at the Wildlife World Zoo.  I had never been to that zoo so it was fun to go!  I like how we could see more of the animals up close.  I was in a group with 5 kids and another Mom and Dad.

Kaylee petting a starfish

Tyler, Kaylee, and Melanie

The whole group: Melanie, Kaylee, Ceci, Tyler, and Salmaan

Lunch Time!

Can't really tell from the picture but this kangaroo had a baby in her pouch.  We could see the little legs hanging out.

Albino alligator

The kids loved the giraffe feeding station

Hot and sweaty and back on the bus!  Our group was one of the first ones on the bus and so they got to choose where they wanted to sit.  They all thought it was so cool to sit in the very back of the bus. :)

New Photos!

Well, at least new to the blog.  These were actually taken last October and just realized I had not done anything with them yet.  With the holidays they got put on top of my file cabinet and forgotten about.  I just scanned them in so not the best quality but you get the idea!  Also had fun changing up the header.  Figure I better take advantage before Picnik closes.  :( Anyone know of another site that does fun collages??

Love this one of Kaylee!  During the shoot I actually thought we would ONLY be getting ones of Kaylee.  Lex actually screamed most the WHOLE TIME!  The exception was the ones you see here when we held up the stupid bunny and we got a brief smile.  :)  Then it was back to tears.  Probably would't have been able to tell! :)

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