Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fourth of July crafts and fun!

Okay so I am back....again.  I have to say it is easier to blog when you are on a roll and in the habit of doing it often.  If not, I find it so easy to get out of the habit.  So, my computer deciding to fully crash....again, I mean really, whose computer does that less then 2 months apart, has made it difficult to say the least.  Luckily since the hard drive was just replaced, and they could not find anything else wrong with it other then the hard drive fried itself again, they replaced it for free.  But what a pain loosing everything again.  It is such a pain having to start over with a blank computer.  All the stuff you have to download and put back on, loosing all your favorite websites etc....well we got to do that twice in the last few months.  Ugg...well anyway, here are some pictures from before 4th of July from the local artists designing beautiful 4th of July paintings for me to put out:

Alexa's completed masterpiece:

Kaylee's completed masterpiece:

fun with stars!

The girls also had decorated some 4th of July frames at my sister's house:

Getting our patriotic toes done:

Note to self:  If you ever go back to get flag toes make sure you bring a flag with you to show the nail techs what an American flag looks like.  After Alexa's having to be done twice, mine redone 3 times and still ending up with one star that looked more like the Texas flag, I was exhausted and ready to go.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I seriously can't believe it is July 1!  I so don't like the fact that it means summer is already half over.  I am not one of those Moms, well at least not yet, that looks forward to the kids going back to school.  I would rather all be off for break. :)  Unfortunately, with Ryan being in paramedic school until Dec, that meant no family vacation this year.  So the girls and I have just been finding fun things to do around here and keep busy.  Here is some of what we have been up to in pictures for the last month:

The girls have been doing the summer reading program at the library.  Here they are coloring their star to put on the wall:

Showing off a few of their prizes

Just being able to nap where ever you want!  Naps for Lex are actually very hard to come by right now, but Mommy sure enjoys them right now...when I can. :)

Kaylee did VBS and here she is with her two crew leaders:

The girls love going to play at the splash pad:

I have to say this is a horrible group shot but it made me laugh because absolutely no one is looking.  Usually at least a few of them are looking at the camera!  I think the sun was just a little bright!

We have been doing the Harkins summer movie every Friday morning:

Monday and Wednesdays found us at swim class:
 Kaylee is doing great this year and really confident in the water

The pool has one of those beach entries and was great for me and Lex while we were waiting

And this is a common afternoon site in our house.  Nothing better then cold smoothies in the summer, especially when you are pregnant and not much sounds good!

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