Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grease is the Word!

Well, at least that is the only "word" I could think of when I saw these two cuties!!  Two Fridays ago Kaylee had her 50's dance at school.  My friend Amanda and I took the kids.  The all looked so cute in their 50's clothes.  I am so glad I saved my old poodle skirt all these years that my Grandma made me!

These two crack me up!  They are just too cute.  Should I be worried??  They look like they are 6 going on 16!  They were so cute and danced together for most the time.

These two also had a ball dancing and hanging out together!

Our pretty pretty princesses.....

And the Dad of the year award goes to Ryan for being such a good sport and playing the game Pretty Pretty Princess with Kaylee!  Love you babe!

Someone is in need of a room update.....

I am finding Lex in and out of her crib a little too much lately.  This is how I found her the other day when I went to get her up from nap.....and she did not start out this way.  A new bed is definitely needed! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas wrap up!

Okay so I have finally made it to my last Christmas post! I figure I could not forget to blog Christmas day. I know Valentines Day is just around the corner but tonight I was still getting before bed Christmas song requests, and earlier today Lex wanted to watch Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Okay, so we have a little trouble letting go. :)

Here is the excitement of seeing what Santa brought:

Nice sock!

Making pretty window pictures

Poor Lex, the agony on her face that Brandon would dare wear her new helmet!

Then after breakfast and finding this guy it was time for presents!!

Kaylee and Lex gave Brandon "Goobers" because for some reason they all call each other a Goober. 


New guitar!

Lex loves her new sleeping bag!

New guitar for Lex!

Ryan's big gift!

Afternoon jam session!

Both girls love their new doll houses!

Kaylee having fun with her new camera!  She is loving taking pictures and videos.

Trying out the new scooters!

And that's a wrap!
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