Friday, July 29, 2011

This Summer

This summer I planned on having so much fun with my girls especially since it is Kaylee's last summer before REAL dates, swimming, fun activities, projects, church Mom's group, getting stuff done around the house with all the extra summer time, a fun vacation....well, I guess God had other plans for me.  But I guess that is life, not always going the way you planned.  I instead got to spend pretty much the entire summer sick....or whatever I still have...since June 10...but not that I am counting or anything, and since this is my blog I just wanted to complain about it.  So I started with just a normal cold, that went to a sinus infection, to a plugged up right ear that had a constant swishing sound that lasted until two days ago, dizzy all the time, then went to getting antibiotics for the sinus infection, that made me so nauseous and sick, to another medicine that still made me sick, to the Zofran that just took the edge off but then made me extra headachey and dizzy, to my eyes not being able to wear or focus right in my contacts anymore, to the medicine finally being done and still having sinus pressure and ear pain and dizziness, but a sinus CT scan that shows the infection is gone, to another medicine to try and relieve sinus pressure that just made me feel sick and not be able to sleep, to finally saying "screw that" and I am just going to take Sudafed until I can finally get in to see the ENT on Aug 1.  So, I have been trying to patiently wait as I continue to feel ear pain, in and around my ear, sinus pressure, and dizzy most days until the ENT can hopefully help me out.  I guess I might have an inner ear problem, since the regular doc said I don't have an ear infection, at least I hope that is all it is and nothing more serious.  The good news is that on Wednesday of this week I finally stopped hearing the constant swishing or white noise in my ear that I have been feeling since Fathers Day Weekend, that can make you go mad....and I think it did many days along with a good dose of anxiety of why I seem to not be getting better.  So that is me in all my glory this summer and also why I have not blogged much.  Most days were spent at home not doing anything fun, pretty much the girls only went to swimming class when Ryan was home and could take them, no play dates since the beginning of June, no Mom's group.  The activities that I did try and do like 4th of July stuff and our CA vacation were sad to say such a struggle and the kind of things you do "just for your kids".  :(((   The good news is that in the last week I have started to have a few more days where I feel more normal and not feel so crummy on top of my normal ear aches and dizziness, and the sinus pressure has not been as bad everyday. Yea! 
And to try and not have this summer be a total bust we started the day off going to the Harkins summer movie, that we were supposed to go to every Friday morning, and then this afternoon Kaylee and I did our usual summer tradition of making homemade Popsicles.  We tried peach this time around and they are really yummy.  Usually we start making these in June...nothing like waiting until the last 2 weeks of summer break but better late then never!


And these pictures were taken yesterday.  On vacation Kaylee found my Aunts old wedding album and loved looking at all the pictures and seeing Mommy and Auntie when we were 23 months and 4 years old.  My sister and I both still had the flower girl dresses we wore all those years ago so we had the great idea of dressing up Kaylee and Lex to take their picture in them.  I remember playing dress up in that dress many of times when I was little.  Needless to say they are now a little stretched out.  Kaylee now talks about how she can't wait to be a flower girl pressure or anything Auntie and Brandon!! ;))

Kaylee took this picture taking very seriously and smiled pretty for every picture.  Lex on the other hand was being the biggest goof and the faces she made had my sister and I cracking up!

And here is the picture from back in 1982 that inspired the photo shoot...
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