Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blue or Pink.....What do you think???

The girls wanted to have a fun way of finding out what the baby will be.  Me being oh so un-fun about that I found out during the ultrasound.  My sister had done it the real way and had found out with all the family by having a pink or blue cake.  The girls really wanted to find out that way.....even though I knew.  :)  So I made them a cake that they got to cut into.  They were bursting with excitement in the two days that I knew, and they did not, before we did the big cake reveal.  Everyone was supposed to wear pink or blue shirts depending on what they thought it would be, and we had pink or blue beads.  The girls became very noncommittal about this.  Alexa was saying she thought it was a girl but when Kaylee thought it was a boy she got worried a wore blue beads.  Kaylee had been saying she thought it was a boy but then came out in a pink shirt and blue pants.  She still choose blue beads but I think we had a few people that did not want to be wrong.  :)  Nolan wore blue because he has no pink shirts, my Mom wore pink, and my sister and Brandon wore blue.  Ryan came out in red even though he already knew what it was.  I wore white with both color of ribbons tied around me so I would not give it away!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Cute Kiddos in the Rain

These are from the other day taking advantage of some actual rain. :)  Nolan decided that he now needs an umbrella too!

A few more from last summer....

My cousin sent Ryan a few wedding pictures from last summer.  Too cute not to post!

Love my little guy in his suit!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 2015!!

We had such a fun New Years Eve this year hanging out with our friends the Fullers!  So often Ryan seems to work both New Years Eve and New Years Day.  It was nice to have him around on New Years Eve so we could have a little party.

We started off that morning with Ryan's sour dough pancakes!  These are so good and such a treat!  My uncle always usually keeps a sour dough starter and has given one to Ryan in the past but at some point he stopped keeping it up.  My uncle said he had a really good batch going so he brought a starter for Ryan when they came out a few weeks ago.  He was right, this one is a good batch and made the best sour dough pancakes!  Ryan will definitely have to keep this starter going.  These are fun because you have to start the prep for the pancake batter the night before.  This is always something we looked forward to in CA.  I grew up always getting these when ever we would visit my Aunt and Uncle.

Christmas 2014!

I feel like this year I did not take very many pictures of Christmas Day.  I am bummed that I totally forgot to even take one of us all in front of the tree.  :(  We did have a nice relaxing day in our pj's with just my Mom joining us this year.

 First looks at some stuff from Santa:

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