Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pumpkins and boo cups!

Ryan was working this year on Halloween so we had our own little Halloween fun the day before.  We did our pumpkin carving and made our yearly boo cups.

The girls so interested at the start!  Then slowly they are off doing other things as Ryan is left to carve.  He is such a good sport!

Got them each to pull a few seeds out

On to boo cups.  The boo cup makers and eaters!

It was cute, Lex only wanted to put the eyes on ONE boo cup....

.....can you guess which eyes Lex put on!?!?  Some of them still ended up with 3 or 4 eyes. :)

Somehow I ended up in a picture.  These things are soooo yummy!

Fall Festival

On the Saturday before Halloween we had our big church fall festival at Westworld.  We had another fun year with games and candy!

Saying hi to cookie monster.  Lex did not want her costume on yet. 

I kind of tried to dress up. :)

Spinning the wheel.  Brandon was the milk!

The girls loved playing/rolling in the big balls!

You can kind of see Kaylee in the one below. 

And good news....throw up free this year after the fall festival.  Kaylee got sick the day after Halloween but it was short lived!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween Party!

The Saturday before Halloween the girls had a little Halloween birthday party to go to.  That night we also had our big Fall Festival at church so it was a busy day.  The party was early enough where they were both in good moods for letting me take pictures in full Halloween costumes.  Usually before fall festival or on Halloween not all costume parts seem to make it on!

Here are our cute little bugs!

It was so nice the party was just a short walk around the corner.

Country Fair!

About a week before Halloween Alexa had her country fair at school.  It was a fun morning getting dressed up like cowgirls and cowboys!  Ryan and I were both able to be volunteers this year.

Alexa all ready in her "cutest cowgirl" shirt!  I still remember buying this for Kaylee to wear for her 3's preschool country fair!  I am glad we were able to use it again!

Brenna, Alexa, and Alivia

Alexa and her friend Alivia.  I think it is so cute that Kaylee's best friend from 3's preschool was also named Olivia...and they are still good friends!

My attempt at a group shot.  At least Alexa was looking. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pumpkin Farm!

Since it is almost Thanksgiving I figured it is about time to finally post some more stuff from October!  And feeling that if I don't get some of this on my blog now before baby shows up it is not going to happen.  I really can't believe I am already 37 weeks tomorrow!  So, here we go with the Pumpkin Farm!  We went to McDonalds Ranch again this year with the fam!

Some before pics:

All ready to go!

Kaylee was so excited to ride a horse!  Lex thought she wanted to but got on and decided not to this time around. 

Finding her way through the hay maze

Our wagon ride out to get pumpkins

The girls picked out one for the baby!

And our family of pumpkins!

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