Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Polar Express 2015!!

We had another fun year at the Polar Express!  Can't believe it was our 8th year!  We enjoyed having my Mom and sister's family join us this year.  :)  It was probably one of the best train rides we had.  On of the guys, or chefs, running our cart was awesome!  He was so lively and upbeat and made it so fun for everyone.  He had everyone laughing and having a great time!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

6 Months Old- Happy Half Birthday!

This month has gotten away from me and I am so behind on posting Nathan's 6 months.  He turned 6 months on the 11th.  This time of year is so busy, fun yet busy, but I don't want to forget to write down a few things.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Nolan!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little Buddy!  On the 1st he turned 3.  Nolan, my first little boy.  He has brought so much fun and laughter to the house!  I love his energy and the cute little things that he will say.  Loves singing and Christmas music right now.  Loves to say, "that is good to me", for anything he likes.  We have also really been working on saying please and asking nice for something.  So we will say to him, "you need to ask nicely or how do you ask nicely."  Then he will say for example, "may I please have some more milk nicely".  Then he will laugh and it will make all of us laugh!  It has definitely been special to have him.  Really likes to test the waters right now but also has such a sweet side.  I love that he is a mama's boy.  His little hugs and kisses are so sweet.  He still has such a special bond with Kaylee too, and it has been so fun to see him step up and be a big brother to Nathan.  He loves Nathan and always wants to help with him when he can.  He will give him hugs and kisses and bring him toys if he seem sad.  He and Alexa are collectively known as the middles around our house for their energy and classic love/hate brother/sister relationship.  Those 2 know how to ruffle each other's feathers and are both loud and wild, but when they put their guard down and forget to annoy each other they can actually play really sweet!
The last three years have gone so fast and can't believe he is 3!!  He loves Mickey Mouse right now so he wanted Mickey themed party decor.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time to Decorate!

I always love when it is time to transform the house to Christmas and make our fall tree into a Christmas tree.  This year it was us and the girls....except for Nathan in the very beginning before bed.  Nolan had already gone to bed.  It was nice to just have that special time with them.

Kaylee trying to reach the top to put the star on.  Almost there.....just a few more years and she will be tall enough!  

Friday, December 4, 2015


We had a nice Thanksgiving day with my sister's family and my Mom joining us.

Alexa putting the Thanksgiving date on the calendar

Violin and Music Concert

The kids have been taking a music class on Saturday morning at a local church.  The girls have been doing violin and chorus and their is even a class for the little boys with singing and learning about music.  They had a little concert back in November.  

November Stuff

Love his little turkey pj's
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