Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Shopping!

Before school started we had a few back-to-school shopping trips.  We went out for a mall trip with Memaw, and then Ryan and I gave each girl a special night out where they got to pick where they wanted to go to dinner and then we found them their first day of school outfit.
We went to this store to check back pack sizes.  I think the girls wanted to move in!  We had a hard time getting them out.  We did actually find a few outfits that day too!

We still ordered the backpacks and this is what they both chose:

At dinner for Kaylee's night out!

The carousel ride at the mall was a must!

Alexa had her special night out too but totally forgot to take any pictures.  Lex was determined to go to the same restaurant that Kaylee chose even with other persuading from Mommy and Daddy.  Let's just say we have had enough Sweet Tomatoes to last us for awhile.  :) 

Saturday Morning Donuts

Ryan was feeling adventurous and wanted to try making us donuts.

They turned out really yummy!  We got donut holes too!

Happy plate!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Parade....take 2

That is because this is as far as we got for our normal Prescott parade...take 1:

Yep, that is right, a few things set out on the counter the night before was as far as we got!  All day the Friday before I really didn't feel "right".  Right as in extra crampy lots of pressure, lower back ache.  I didn't think much of it most the day, figured it was just a "fun" pregnant day that would pass.  By Friday evening it was still going on and I almost started to feel like I was getting contractions now too.  Not good when you are 17 weeks and not even supposed to be getting braxton hicks contractions yet.  I kept telling myself, I'm sure I am not, and went to bed.  By 2am it now woke me up and I knew this should not be happening.  Being my 3rd baby and knowing what it feels like it did not even seem like braxton hicks.  They were not at the point where they were painful they just kept happening.  So not wanting to be the annoying person that is 17 weeks along and calls at 2am I was able to wait until 7.  When I called they said sure enough it sounds like I was contracting.  They had me do the Tylenol and water thing and said that if they don't stop in an hour to go to the ER.  Well they did not stop so Ryan and I decided to go in just in case.  So frustrating that this did not happen during the week otherwise I could have just gone into my regular Dr to get checked but being Saturday that was my only option.  So after 5 hours in the ER, and this was an uncrowded day, I was told yes you are contracting, not really sure why, but the good news was that my cervix was not dilating.  So they told me to rest a few days and sent me home.  The contractions still bothered me the rest of the day but I was able to sleep that night and by Sunday they were much better.  So, needless to say I rained on everyone's parade that day!  My Mom, Sister, and Brandon were supposed to go to the parade with us and with the lack of cell service on their drive to Prescott they did not get the messages Ryan was leaving them about what was going on until they got there.  So then they had to drive all the way back to Phoenix so they could watch the girls for us while we went to the ER.  Not fun, and of course Kaylee was so upset.  She looks forward to the parade every year.  The fam took the girls out to do fun stuff around here but poor Kaylee was still sad.  She turns to me that night and said with a sigh....this was a rough day.  Poor thing...I felt so bad.  So because I felt so bad and she was so sad, on Sunday I started looking around to see if anywhere else in our state had parades either on July 4th or the next weekend.  The two I found on July 4th were at least 3 hours away starting at 9am so that was not going to happen.  I found one about an hour and a half away the following Saturday that started at 10:30 so we decided to give that one a try.  It ended up being a pretty small parade and not as good as Prescott but I think Kaylee was happy we made the attempt and got to do something.  Hopefully we can try the Prescott one again next year!  I didn't take many pictures but here are some from Parade....take 2:

Alright us when you get there!

So here is my theory on the contractions.  The Dr's at the ER did not agree, but my Dr and my chiropractor seems to think that is what happened.  On Thursday of that week, the day before I woke up feeling "not right", I had gone to get the pedicure with the girls.  When thinking back I realized that she gave me an unusually long foot rub for a pedicure.  Normally a good thing but I remember I was so busy trying to keep the girls from jumping on everything and knocking things over that I remember I was so distracted and I could not wait for her to finish.  I guess she was oblivious to what was going on.  So I think back and the foot rub seemed to take forever!  My chiropractor before had told me not to get a foot rub because if they rub in the wrong, or just the right spot, for too long it can trigger contractions.  I guess I did not think much of it, I mean how many pedicures do us pregos usually get.  Lots!  The ER Dr said that could not happen, my Chiropractor said that is what for sure happened, and my OBGYN said she has had women before that at full term want to try and put themselves in labor and get their feet rubbed in just the "right spot" and it has worked.  So she said that could be it.  The fact that I have had no other contractions or any problems what so ever since then makes me think that is also what happened.  Who knows!?!?  I will just tell them to skip the foot rub next time!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Are we on vacation?!?!

That is the question Ryan and I jokingly asked each other all day on 4th of July.  I don't know who's weather we stole that day but it surely was not ours!  I have lived here my whole life and I don't think we ever had a 4th of July, or day in July for that matter, as nice as this one.  Sometimes a storm will bring a brief cool down from the wind or rain but it is usually very short lived and an hour or so later it is just hot and humid.  Well not this day.  I think the highest the temp got was about 80 and most the day was in the mid 70's.  Something you really notice and appreciate when most days in July are around 105-110.  We had a nice day as a family and just enjoyed the weather.  The only set plans we had were in the evening.

The girls started off the day with a game of Pretty Pretty Princess in the bathroom.  Not the best picture but I laughed when I saw this.  I mean who doesn't start off their day with a game in the bathroom!?

We always put little flags out front.

 This year was extra nice putting them out in the rain!

Making our flag cake!

The helpers....or eaters!

I love how the windows in our house were actually open!

Fun lunch for the girls!

We were trying to think of stuff to do outside so we took the girls to the splash pad.  Ryan and I just soaked up the cool weather.  It was so nice and not crowded.

In the evening at our BBQ.

Lex was all about the sparklers this year.  First year she wanted to hold one.  Kaylee still would not come within 15ft of them! :)

Everyone at our BBQ went to watch fireworks.  Great show!  They were going off right next to Kaylee's old school. 

Kind of dark but loved this one with the American flag.

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