Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cradle Pics ~ Finally!

This cradle was made by my grandpa when my sister was born and then me and my two cousins also used it.  When I got pregnant with Kaylee my Aunt and Uncle brought it from CA so we could have it.  It has more just become a family heirloom and something really cool to pass down from generation to generation.  I had it for my first three and then was passed to my sister when Asher was born.  Because of the lack of space in our bedroom we never took the cradle back when Nathan was born.  We needed the space at the end of our bed for the pack n play.  I still wanted to get him a plaque with his name on it and of course get his picture in it.  Well, months went by and life gets busy and we never got over to take the picture.  Finally when we were over for Christmas Eve we brought him up to get his picture taken.  Ryan had come over on another day prior to add his plaque.  So usually I have pictures of my newborns in this cradle but with Nathan 6 months is better late then never!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

8 Months!

Our little Nathan is now 8 months!  A couple weeks into 7 months he went from scooting on his tummy and rocking on all fours to crawling on all fours all over the place.  He now crawls very well and will go from crawling to sitting or sitting to crawling with ease.   Right at 8 months, which has now been for just over a week, he started pulling himself up on things.  At first he pulled up on stuff that was really low and and he would just go to his knees, and then sometimes his feet.  But that quickly progressed into now he can pull up on the couch, the side of the tub , the dishwasher, or stuff around that height.  Can't really walk holding on yet but he is close.  He has taken a step or two but nothing consistent yet.  I remember Alexa started walking at 10 months, was our earliest so far, so it will be fun to see if Nathan beets her.  So far he seems right on track!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Christmas Eve Day

Crazy that it is now mid February and I realized I have still not finished Christmas.  So much to catch up on but for now here is a few from Christmas Eve day.....that was way less intimidating then trying to post Christmas Eve night too.  :)  Ryan was working that day but got off some time in the evening for church and going to my Mom's house.   We had already decorated our cookies on EOE so it was low key during the day.

Decorating their bags for reindeer oats and glitter

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Red Plate Kind of Dinner

I love pulling out the Red Plate for birthdays, but also when the kids do something special or have a special achievement.  Alexa can now say that she can officially tie her shoes or a bow.  I know it seems kind of late, as in she is 7 in April, but that is not from her fault.  It is one of those things I have thought about many times, thinking to myself I really need to teach her, and then life is busy and it just never happened.  Also living in AZ she wears flip flops about 90% of the time and the rest of the time she is in boots that she just slips on so the need of tying her shoes has not been there.  Well, two nights ago after bath, and we were playing on the floor with Nathan, I finally said to her to go get one of my shoes and lets learn to tie a bow.  I thought this would be the first of many lessons and a long process.   We worked on it for about 5 min and she kind of got it, did it a few times, but I still thought we would just have to work on it a little each day.  Of course the next day I totally forgot and I remembered earlier today to ask her if she had practiced and she surprisingly said yes and she had already tied Sarah's shoes today, her doll, who  has very small shoe laces and hard to tie.  Wow, great I said, then she also brought me her shoes and showed me how she tied it.  Pretty good Lex for a 5 minute lesson!  I guess if you just wait long enough they get it easy!  If only potty training would go that easy for Nolan.....but that is a whole other blog post in itself.  :)

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