Monday, February 27, 2012

Ballerina Birthday Party!

This year Kaylee wanted a Ballerina party.  So we decked the house out with ballet shoes and tulle, put on some ballet music, and invited over a bunch of ballerinas! 

The Birthday girl all ready for her party!

Happy 6th Birthday Kaylee!!

I am a month off but Happy 6th Birthday Kaylee!  Her Birthday was on January 26th.  I still can't believe she is 6!!!  She is growing up so much and learning so much at school!  We are so proud of you Kaylee and we love you so much!!  Here is how we celebrated that day:

She woke up to her special balloons that morning

Had her requested breakfast of Blueberry muffins and of course her first singing of "Happy Birthday"

Lex and I got to come into her class to bring donuts and sing "Happy Birthday" again. :)

It worked out that she had a half day on her birthday.  So I got to take her with me right after donuts.  We did a quick Chick-fil-a run and ate it in the car, and then was off to the movie theatre to see Beauty and the Beast.

Later that night she had her special Birthday dinner of tacos.  Memaw, Auntie, and Brandon also came.

Then we wrapped up the day with her Birthday cake and of course singing "Happy Birthday"!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A red plate kind of weekend

Usually the red plate comes out at our house for Birthdays, but also when the girls do something that is a BIG DEAL, to honor their special day.  This weekend we had a red plate day two days in a row.  Lexie has pretty much been day potty trained since mid December.  In the beginning of December, during all the Christmas hoopla, she decided she was ready so we went with it!  She usually stays dry and does not have many accidents unless it comes to going poop in the potty.  In early December she pooped once in the potty when it was all new and for some reason it totally freaked her out.  I tried every bribe in the book and could not get that girl to poop in the potty again.  I got tired of changing poopy underwear so I figured she will just have to stay in a pull up until she is ready.  I thought that would totally ruin the potty training we had done so far, but she still was very good about going pee in the potty with very few accidents.  Well, on Sunday afternoon she did it!  I couldn't believe when she cried out "I went poopy!"  It was totally unexpected.  Ryan, Kaylee, and I all ran in and gave her the biggest cheers!  She was so proud of herself and said, "it's not scary".  Now I hope we can keep it up.  So for her BIG DEAL that day she got the red plate at dinner.

Lexie got her accomplishment documented on the chalk board that day compliments of Daddy

The next BIG DEAL was done by Kaylee on Monday afternoon.  Ryan had been working with Kaylee to ride her bike without training wheels for what seemed like months.  She was always just so scared.  Since she was five she kept saying she would do it when she was 6.  Ryan is so good and patient and would just keep working with her every few days even though they did not usually get anywhere.  Yesterday afternoon Ryan comes inside and said to come outside because Kaylee was getting really close.  So I go outside and Kaylee wasn't just close she was doing it!  I was so proud that tears came to my eyes! One of those moments when your heart feels so full!  I knew how hard this was for her because she had been so scared and I was so proud of her for overcoming her fear.  So of course I run back inside to grab my camera to document the moment.

Kaylee has been getting way to big for this bike but I figured we would hold off on getting a bigger one until she learned to ride without training wheels.  I think it is time for a bigger bike now!

And here is Kaylee's sign on the chalkboard to honor her BIG DEAL.  She also got to use the red plate for dinner that night.

Yea to both my girls!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

No tooth for the tooth fairy.....this time around

This goes back to Monday, January 23.  Kaylee's tooth had been soooo loose on the Saturday and Sunday before.  Monday morning rolled around and she still had not lost her tooth.  I was kind of concerned with her going to school with it that loose because I was worried about it coming out at school and getting lost.  Now I know that is not THAT big of deal, but it was the first loose tooth, so it was kind of a BIG DEAL. :)  So she was sent off to school with the little tooth chest she was given at the dentist, for times like this when you might loose your tooth at school, and told her to let her teacher know if she looses her tooth  and needs any help, and then to put it in the chest.  So after school I actually forgot to ask her right when she got off the bus how her tooth was, and didn't remember until we got back to the house.  I finally thought of it and assumed she had not lost it because she had not said anything.  So I asked how her wiggly tooth was and she finally said, "well, it came out at school."  I get all excited with the "oh my gosh!!! let me see!! "why didn't you tell me?!?!"  I look at her mouth and instantly start digging in her back pack for the little tooth chest containing her tooth.  "So where is it ?", I keep asking as I am digging around.  Kaylee is pretty calm.  Well...
So above is the happy toothless grin.  Why you ask do I say "no tooth for the tooth fairy" in the title?  Because, we had NO tooth for the tooth fairy.  Seeing the lack of excitement from Kaylee as I am looking for her tooth I finally get out of her that she swallowed her tooth at lunch.  "WHAT" I not so calmly say, and "weren't you being careful while you were eating since it was so loose???"  Now, I know this is only a tooth, and she did not mean to swallow it, but I think this goes in the "Mom putting a certain expectation on one of your oldest child's firsts, and then being disappointed when it did not turn out how I planned"category.  I had the vision of her being able to put the first lost tooth in the tooth fairy pillow that my grandma made for me, and then reading our tooth fairy book before bed.  And of course sharing in the the excitement of the tooth fairy.  Now if this was any other tooth except my oldest child's first lost tooth, it probably would have been no big deal to me.  But don't worry, I got over it really quickly and then was able to laugh about it.  At least I did not have to figure out what to do with it?  Are Mom's really supposed to save those after the tooth fairy comes??   
Kaylee had still told her teacher at school that she lost (swallowed) her tooth, and Mrs. Bailey had a great idea.  She said to simply write the tooth fairy a letter about what happened to her tooth.  And that is what we did!  We did not want to take any chances of the tooth fairy not coming!

Holding her note by the tooth fairy pillow with her proud new smile. 

That note still makes me giggle!  Dear Tooth Fairy, Sorry I swallowed my tooth.  Love, Kaylee. 
I did save that.  That is better then saving an old tooth anyway!! :)  Notice her empty tooth box. :)

After reading "The night before the Tooth fairy"

And the note must have worked because she found this in her tooth fairy pillow the next morning!!

Okay, and I promise to not have the same drama next time even if any one else decides to swallow their lost teeth. :)
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