Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting ready

On Friday late afternoon we colored Easter Eggs. It was a hot day so we decided to color them inside. After we were done I remembered why we did them outside last year. I think next year we will be moving it back outside. This way I won't have to be so paranoid and the kids can just have fun! Lex lasted about 2 minutes before she realized that the egg color made her hands all dirty and was off to the game closet. Kaylee had fun but good thing she was in her underwear because her hands, arms, and stomach was covered!

After the eggs were done Daddy and Kaylee joined Lex with the games.

On The night before Easter Kaylee told me that she wanted to throw Carrots out front for the Easter Bunny. Hey why not, we leave stuff for Santa and the Reindeer why not the Easter Bunny!!?? They each got a bag of cut up carrots to throw out front. Lex did not even make it out the front door before eating hers!

It was really cute. While the girls were throwing their carrots we saw two neighborhood bunnies just waiting across the street for us the finish. Kaylee got so excited and yelled to the bunnies, "go tell the Easter Bunny we are leaving him carrots and that we have been so good!"

Lex mostly ate hers

Kaylee finally had to help with Lexi's bag

I don't know about the Easter Bunny but something sure enjoyed those carrots that night because they were all gone in the morning!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School Easter Egg hunt!

Last Wednesday Kaylee had her School Easter egg hunt and party.

Here she is on the egg hunt

I got one!!

Kaylee and Kyrsten

At the class party decorating her cupcake

Enjoying the gifts

These are back from right after Alexa's birthday but I am just now getting around to post.

Here are both girls with Alexa's gift from Grandma and Grandpa Graham. She got a few books, crayons, and lots of coloring books! They also each got the really cute aprons they are wearing.

With all the fun new coloring books Alexa thought it would be more fun to color the tag on the gift bag! :)

Here they are having fun with the new water paint books.

Just in time for summer.....a new water table from Memaw!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mrs. Kaylee Potato Head

Cute silly girl!! Kaylee and Lex both got a big kick out of this and of course their Mom had to take a few pictures!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ice Cream Birthday Treat!

Our family has really enjoyed being part of the Baskin Robbins birthday club this year....and it is not just the kids who are registered! :) Any excuse for going to get ice cream right!!?? A few days before Alexa's birthday we took her to get her free ice cream, and of course we all had some too! We had one happy birthday girl!

The Party-Alexa turns 2!!

We had a little Birthday party for Alexa on Saturday night. It was a perfect and nice low key night with family. We had dinner, opened presents, ate cake and ice cream, of course sang "Happy Birthday" again, played, and finished off the night with a mean game of balloon toss!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Any other frustrated bloggers?

Is it just me or is anyone else having a horrible time trying to post lately?? After I upload all my pictures, and then write, I will go to post or preview it and most of the wording gets all messed up between the pictures and some pictures line themselves up side by side. Then once I finally get the pictures to not be side by side after editing it like 8 times, the wording will now have a huge gap between pictures and it will not let me close the space. It used to post "as is" the way I put it together the first time. So sorry in the last few blogs the wording is all spaced really far apart between most the pictures. It has become so frustrating and makes a post take about 8 times longer then normal. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem???

Happy 2nd Birthday Lex!!!

Dear Alexa,

I can't believe my sweet little baby is now 2!! I really don't know where the last 2 years have gone. Your fun little spirit has added so much joy and laughter to our house. I am so thankful that God sent you to be with our family. Being "2", just in the last week, has definitely brought on a new chapter with everything "I", or "my do it", stretching your limits, and we love you through it tantrums and all!! (This is something we did not experience so much with big sis at 2). We pray that you continue to grow healthy and strong and we love you so much!!

For Alexa's Birthday last Saturday we had a nice low key day. It turned out to be a very cold rainy day so our plans of going to play in the fountains or the train park did not work out. Instead we started off with a yummy blueberry pancake breakfast and then after got ready and took the girls to play in the bookstore and grab some lunch. After lunch it was naps and then my Mom, sister, and Brandon( my sister's new boyfriend!!!) came over for a little party and dinner. It was a great day just hanging out with family and celebrating our Lex!

She woke up to her fun balloons!

and more balloons to play with!

Her yummy breakfast!

Of course we had to start off singing "Happy Birthday"! We did that many times that day, and started doing that about a week before, and still at bedtime we are getting "Happy Birthday" requests!

She was determined that morning to not give me a smile and I was determined to keep trying all day! :)

I got a big smile from Kaylee. She loved the breakfast too!

Lex loved her balloons! She had also been talking about those pre-birthday. She said she wanted yellow boons. She liked it so much that before getting out of her chair after breakfast she said, "I kiss it" and gave it a big kiss! So sweet!!

All decked out in her birthday gear! At least here she was giving me a happy face even if she was not going to show any teeth!

Then it was off to play in the bookstore. My girls love doing that!

Here are the Birthday girl and Daddy at lunch

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