Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Weeks!

Here are some pictures of Nathan at 7 weeks.  He is really starting to chunk up for still not even being 2 months yet!

Cutest Lunch Ever!

Nolan loves Micky Mouse right now and Ryan made him the cutest little lunch.  We think it is time for a Disney trip next year.  :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cow Appreciation Day!

This past Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil a.  We did not want to miss out on our free meals.  Here are the kids all ready to go in their cow outfits!  This was our first year of doing this and I was amazed that our meal was 100% long as you are dressed like a cow.  Fun to see everyone all dressed up at the restaurant.  Some people really get into it.   Pretty nice thing Chick fil a does and amazing it is nation wide.

We said to show us your Moooo!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Art Camp

Kaylee had an art camp at church this week.  She loves doing any kind of art or painting so this was perfect for her.  Here is what she did this week:

5 Weeks!

Five weeks already!!  Don't usually do week pictures but he is super cute in his little diaper and we had fun blocks to take his picture! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nathan 1 Month!

Nathan was 1 month on the 11th.  Crazy that we are here already but I know that time seems to fly!  I feel like it is only getting faster the older I get.  Now add a new baby in the mix and you blink and he is already a month old.  I told Ryan back in May that suddenly I am going to wake up and it will be time to get the fall stuff out! :)  Already I feel like the new school year is not that far away.  So back to Nathan.......we are just loving our new little guy.  It is amazing how you can just keep loving those new little babies more and more!  The girls just absolutely love him and want to hold him all the time.  Even Nolan has done incredibly well and also wants to take his turn.  I find myself often saying to the kids to give him a little space because they just want to nonstop kiss and love on him.  Not a bad problem!  I feel like the transition to 4 was easier then the transition to 3.  Maybe because things are already crazy and still had one in diapers.  What is one more, right!?!?  Also it has been so nice having a baby in the summer when everything with school was all done and it is too hot to do anything anyway.  I am sure that has all made it easier not being in the middle of a crazy schedule.  Nathan has been such a good baby.  Often sleeps a lot and wants to nurse about every 3 hours.  At night will give us 4-6 hour stretches usually.  He loves his swing and his papasan chair to nap in and loves his glider at night.  That thing is wonderful and worked great for Nolan too.  Wish we would have had that for all the kids.  He likes to be swaddled at night and that helps him to calm down.  He really likes being in the Solly Baby wrap and often will just fall asleep in it.  Takes the binki sometimes but does not always want it.  Starting to look around and be more aware of things a little bit and has also given us a few more smiles! :) Of course loves to be held and we love to hold him!    I find myself calling Nolan Nathan, and Nathan Nolan.  I was worried with both being N names that would happen. :) I already can't keep track of who is who.  I am sure I will be doing that for the rest of my life! Ha!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

7th of July Cake

I mean who does not make a 7th of July cake....right?!?!  Well this year the yearly Gregor 4th of July flag cake became a 7th of July cake.  I say better late then never and we have a pass this year with a 3 and a half week old.  :)  We actually really tried to make it on the 4th, then the 5th, and then finally we were able to make it on the 7th.  After we got home from Prescott I got everything out to assemble the cake...even did the whole frozen store bought pound cake this year to make life easier, and had pre-cut up all the strawberries the night before.  I sliced up the first pound cake and put them in the bottom of the pan and was all ready to spread the first layer of cool whip.  I went to open the cool whip and noticed that the top was slightly not on right...even with the seal in tact.  I opened it up and sure enough it was bad.  Ugg.  Didn't even have heavy whipping cream in the fridge to make up my own.  The girls were so sad and bummed about no flag cake.  I told them I think this was the first year in probably 15 or more years that I was not able to make a flag cake on 4th of July.  Had been making one way before I got married.  It was already getting late and no time for Ryan to run back to the store that night before he was taking the girls to fire works.  We figured he would just have to go tomorrow.  So Ryan went back to the store on the 5th.  Again got my pan back out of the fridge that had the sliced pound cake in the bottom, got out the fruit, got out the new cool whip and right away notice that the same thing was wrong with this cool whip!  The top was slightly off again even with the seal on!!  Ahh!!  Fry's must have had a bad batch.....and I guess Ryan forgot to look.  Oops!  The poor girls were totally bummed again.  It was also getting too late in the day for Ryan to head back to the store again so we were just going to have to wait until the 7th.....Ryan worked the 6th and I was not going to take 4 kids out to get cool whip.  Finally on the 7th we got an undamaged cool whip.....Ryan checked good this time, and we were able to make our cake....our 7th of July cake!

So happy to finally be making our cake!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July!

We hope everyone had a fun 4th with friends and family!!  We took our usual trip up to Prescott to get out of the heat and have some small town fun.  It was Nathan's first big outing other then to the Dr or Costco.  :)

Making Rice Krispies treats the night before
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