Thursday, January 24, 2013

Decorating the tree!

Before I had Nolan we were able to get all the Christmas decorations out except for decorating the tree.  That we were able to do as a family of 5 + Memaw!

Nolan just did what he did best the first few days!

Singing and playing Christmas songs!

Decorating the little tree that hung out on our table:

Just realized I did not even take a final picture of our tree.  Hey, that is what happens when you are half asleep!

Welcome Home!

My Mom and the girls were so sweet to make us some welcome home signs and pictures!

Nolan hanging out with his sign:

In his room we had more letters and pictures waiting for us!  I like how Lex added her little baby doll to the cradle. :)

...and also a few new outfits!

The girls have been such great big sisters!  They both just love their little brother so much!

Looking at this picture I can't believe how much he has already grown!

All cute and swaddled with Lex

Nice to meet you

Now that he is almost 2 months old here are the pictures of Nolan first meeting the family!

Very proud Big big sister!

 Proud Memaw!

Very proud big sister!

 Proud Auntie and Uncle!

Family of 5!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome back Charlie!!

The girls, and Mom and Dad, were so excited to have Charlie come back this year.  He came back the day after Thanksgiving.  Charlie planned a big welcome back breakfast for the girls the second night he was back.  I think something must have kept him too busy on Thanksgiving night!?!?

Charlie came back bringing fun donuts, new mugs for hot cocoa, the Elf on a Shelf movie and ornaments. The girls thought it was great!

Here are some of the other fun places we found Charlie:

Good thing we have been out of smoothie season Charlie!!

With a 3 year old that LOVES to move ornaments all around the tree, I think every ornament on the bottom half of the tree has been moved from it's original spot :), they are bound to get broken from time to time.  These were sitting on the counter waiting to be repaired.  I was so thankful that Charlie decided one night to fix them for me!;)

The girls thought this one was great!  No ceiling fan for us that day!

This was another big hit.  He strung up the rest of our popcorn for us!

 On night Charlie decorated our tree with candy canes.  Of course he had to hold one too:

Every year in our house it is a tradition to through oats and glitter (reindeer food) for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.  Well, on Christmas Eve Eve, or better know as The night before the night before Christmas, Charlie decided to put the reindeer food together for the girls.  Now it was all ready for the girls to put in the bags they would decorate on Christmas Eve.  (In the mean time the reindeer food attracted all of the other reindeer hanging around the house!)

Lex wanted her picture taken with Charlie on Christmas Eve because she knew this was his last day

We are always so sad to see Charlie go.  This year he left us a little good bye note:

So much fun again this year Charlie!  We can't wait for next year already!

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