Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mouse Cupcakes

Memaw gave the girls their own kid cookbook a few years back.  They both love to pick things out to make.  We were down to the last week before school started and Kaylee wanted to pick one more thing to make before back to school.  She chose the Mouse Cupcakes.

We made the cupcakes one night and then the next night we decorated them.  I think the main interest was just eating the batter.  :)

A Royal Wedding!

In our living room of course.  I had to post these pictures more because I probably have about 20 pictures from when I was little of me and and my sister and friends of us in these exact same dresses.  The peach dress was one my Grandma made for me and my sister for my Aunts wedding.  They matched the bridesmaids to love 1982!!!  The other one was from the mid 80's when my sister and I got to be flower girls for one of my Dad's friends.  Between those dresses and all the many old dance costumes, we had hours of dress up fun!

On this summer day Kaylee was the princess, and bridesmaid, and her brother was the prince that Alexa was going to marry.  So who is the prince I ask?  Nolan of course they say.  Lex says, "But Mom, Nolan is not really my brother in pretend!!"  Few...good thing!  So I held Nolan up and the end of the pretend isle and we had a royal wedding!

Friday, August 23, 2013

A New Look!

A few weeks before school started this little 7 year old got a new look!


Thursday, August 22, 2013


So when Ryan got back from one of his fires during the summer the girls decided to go camping after he unpacked his tent..........................................
indoors in our living room that is.  :)

Ryan and Nolan checking out the tent

Thursday, August 15, 2013

8 Months Old

Life has just been so busy the last few weeks with back to school that the month has totally gotten away from me.  Nolan's 8 month post is more like an 8 1/2 month post.  Many nights I have thought about sitting down to do this but I am just too tired all the time.  I figure I don't want to wait any longer or I won't remember what he was actually doing at 8 months.  I feel like he is already doing more now then he was doing at the start of the month.  I will try to give a short summery of what he is up to:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Night

But this wasn't just any movie night it was an American Girl movie night!  Of course dolls were included. :) The new American Girl movie was on TV one night in July so I recorded it for the girls.

Everyone getting in their pj's:

Dance Recital 2013

Back in June the girls had their dance recital.  Both girls did great and they had lots of fun.  Kaylee was so much more confident and improved so much since last year.  She has been so excited about dance and can't wait to start again next week.  Alexa has also really enjoyed dance this past year and will be taking it again too.  She did great for her first recital!

These were actually taken during dress rehearsal because they don't let you take pictures during the actual show.
Alexa tap:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Time

I am always sad to see summer go.  We are down to the last week before school starts. :(  I hope we are all ready come next Thursday morning and that I still won't be in denial that this is actually happening already.  August 8 is way too early and way too hot.  Totally don't feel ready to get back to schedules.
I have decided that next summer our family NEEDS a vacation.  We are on year two of no vacation.  Usually we at least escape to CA or something, but nothing the last two years.  Last summer Ryan was in paramedic school and this summer Ryan has been working lots of fires.  Next year......
So still in attempt to catch up on this blog here are some summer pictures:

 Lots of Popsicles a must!

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