Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy 11th Birthday Kaylee!!

Wow, can't believe this girl is 11!  Well, she was on January 26.  I could cry, I think she was 3 when I started this blog!  So many fun memories on this blog and I am so thankful I have them all right here.  Looking back I realize I used to journal so much more and I remembered all the little things the girls did and said.  Sadly I am not as good at that anymore with the boys, life is just busier, but I am thankful to at least have the pictures!  Kaylee is at the age where she likes to now look back at this blog.  I know in time the other kids will too.  So fun that she can now enjoy this and it makes it worth it for all the years that I have been putting in to this!

So back to Kaylee.  She is growing into an amazing girl and I am so proud of her.  She is such a good help to me and to her siblings, I am truly blessed with that!  She loves her gymnastics class and learning to play the piano and violin.  She loves hanging out with her friends and any kind of social activity.  She is good about getting her school work done and is a good example to others.  Thank you God for Kaylee and the blessing of her!

Still have the birthday sign and balloons!  And you better believe we always will!

Requested breakfast of pancakes and sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole.  


Love her new flexi!

We took the day off of school and went to Cracker Jax and then to lunch.

Such a fun family day!

In the evening we had her family party

I made her a lemon lime cake with pineapple curd.  This was the best cake ever!  Seriously I want it for my birthday! 

The next evening we had her bowling party with friends!

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