Sunday, March 26, 2017

Merry Christmas 2016!!

Ha!  All I can say is "man am I behind on this blog!'"  Still determined to keep up with all our family happenings so we can have these great memories later.  :)

Here are pictures from our Christmas Day!

First look for Nolan.  The girls you just can't catch anymore.  They are up way too early!

First look for Nathan

Bikes for Nolan and Alexa!!

New camera for Kaylee

Racing cars for Nathan

First time trying out peddles!  He mastered the glider bike and he was ready!

Sweet cousin time!

Getting ready for nap!

Are we done yet???

Ryan's favorite present!! 

Mom was just as excited to give Kaylee the 1st 10 Nancy Drew books!  We are already on  book 6!

The Dahl's 

One last picture before bed with my little buddy!

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