Saturday, April 1, 2017


Yes today, not 3 months ago.  I think I was feeling nostalgic today after doing Kaylee's birthday post and feeling like I rarely just post the kids currently being kids anymore.
After Nathan's nap we went out front for some good old throwing bread to the birds.  The girls used to love this and from lack of time never have done this much with the boys.  Nolan asked about it a few weeks ago so I have been saving him some bread crust ends.  This afternoon seemed like the perfect time!  Then we went for a walk and had some good play out front time before dinner.  Kaylee had her special day with my mom today so that is why she was not around.

Nathan thought it was more fun to eat his bread!!

I got him to through a few pieces.  :)

Bike ride/walk

Nathan is loving the Cozy Coup right now!  I spend lots of time walking him back and forth out front!

Meanwhile Kaylee was having some fun cousin time on her special day with Memaw!

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