Monday, May 22, 2017

Homeschool Field Trip

The end of March we had a homeschool field trip to the AZ Pioneer Living History Village.  It was so nice to have my mom join us that day and we were also lucky that the weather was cloudy and cool.  Such a treat because the whole thing was walking around outside.  We enjoyed the day and it was fun to learn how the early pioneers in AZ lived.
Watching a reenactment of a bank robbery and a shootout.  

Everyone got to shake hands with the actors after.

In front of an old Victorian style house.  I don't understand why if all the first houses built in AZ were Victorian and had charm why they had to change that????  Boggles my mind.  Now they build them all stucco and cookie cutter.  Boo!

Lex you are with one cool dude!

A bench just their size.

Love the pretty view.  All the wildflowers were still in bloom before everything dies from the heat.  

Nolan had so much fun walking through the flowers until we saw the sign to stay on the path.  Oops!

Such a pretty old church!  Even the churches had charm.  

In front of the Sheriff's office.  

I love how Alexa looks so miserable because she is wanted (above), and me and Nathan look so happy below.  :) 

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